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  1. I've personally never seen an authentic Station Bag OR any authentic Coach bag with that creed wording (bean bag) OR with that zipper pull.

    Wait for other opinions.

  2. Coach has used several different zipper brands over the years so the brand of zipper has nothing to do with authenticity. And in fact, most fakes have either real or fake YKK zippers!

    That said, there's no way to authenticate your item without pictures.

    Please post pics of the front, back, inside, creed (if there is one), and the tag.

  3. OMG I feel horrible. I have a retail store and therefore I have a contract with Macy's. I didn't buy it from a Macy's store. I bought the bags from Macy's overstock department. I would NEVER sell anything fake. The weird thing is that I've found pictures of it with the same lining and the bag came with the Macy's UPC and stickers that had all the Macy's informations on it like which store it was shipped to etc....!
  4. While I don't know the history particular item, what may have happened is that Macy's may have accepted a return from a "buy and switch" customer.

    I think they have a policy (bad one, IMO) that they don't argue with a customer with a receipt and they take the return and just don't put the item back on the sales floor.

    If it was in a Macy's stock, it's possible that the original buyer purchased an authentic bag and returned the fake with the original tags and receipt.

    Then when Macy's liquidates their end-of-season merchandise, returns, shopworn items, etc., fakes might be mixed in with the lot.

    Due to the nature of your purchase, you probably aren't eligible for a refund but you should use due diligence in verifying that any items you resell in those lots should be authentic.

    Oh, and welcome to tPF. Too bad you didn't get the information you were hoping to hear.

    ETA: Regarding your comment about finding pictures of the same style bag with the same lining, that's fairly common. The cheap gold lining with either Coach lozenges or signature print is on many fakes probably because it's the cheapest that the fakers can buy.

  5. That sounds like a possibility. I feel horrible for the buyer. She is getting a full refund! If I would have known, I would have never even listed it! Thanks for the welcoming! I've been browsing the other threads and it's amazing the information in this forum!

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
  6. You're welcome.
  7. None of that seller's Coach items, new OR completed, show enough photos to help with authentication. The seller should include photos of the creed patch if the bag has one, or at least the inside of the price tag.

    And wherever you read that "all Coaches have YKK zippers", IGNORE THAT AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU READ FROM THE SAME SOURCE OR "GUIDE" or from any other source that posts that nonsense. NOT all Coaches have YKKs and most of the other advice you find in those useles online guides is just as incorrect.
  8. I think you misunderstood.

    My comment refers to the fact that zipper brand means NOTHING as far as authenticity. Coach sometimes uses YKK (as do the counterfeiters) but Coach also uses other brands of zippers on their authentic items.

    Your bag can be authentic yet still use a different zipper brand than YKK.

    If you want to verify authenticity of the bag you have or that your friend bought, what we need to see are pictures of the actual item. It doesn't help to show a listing for a similar bag since the counterfeiters can copy any style.
  9. That's what I'm worried about. Thanks for your input! It would be a shame if it is a fake, it is a lovely, strong bag.

  10. I agree with Dem Ram. Every "Bean Bag" creed we've even seen has been fake although some have been pretty accurate copies. The only "Bean Bag" ever made by Coach was a keychain but apparently some fakes manufacturer got hold of one of those keychains and just blindly copied the creed statement.

    Yours also has the wrong font in the serial number and creed statement, incorrect details and really off-center rivets on the strap ends.

    The only Coach that should ever have a Bean Bag creed is this one:
  11. Thank you guys for your help!

  12. Here are the actual pictures.
    HPIM2413 1.JPG HPIM2414 2.JPG HPIM2415 3.JPG HPIM2418 4.JPG HPIM2419 5.JPG
  13. pictures
    HPIM2418 4.JPG HPIM2413 1.JPG HPIM2419 5.JPG HPIM2403 zip.JPG
  14. The swingpack is authentic.
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