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  1. They all seem to be genuine, the first one is a few years newer and made in Costa Rica, the others are made in the US. I'm wondering if the front flap on the third one is a bit crooked, it seems like it's higher on the right side unless that's just the way the seller stuffed the bag for the photos.

    There have been quite a few fake Willises on eBay. The creeds and turnlocks are sometimes a bit "off" but it's still best to ask here for authentication. Never bid on one unless the seller is showing clear pictures of the creed stamp.
  2. Ok, hopefully I am not driving you guys crazy authenticating these Bleekers - I keep missing out!

    Here's one:

    and another one:

    This seller seems to have good feedback, but I notice that only sometimes does she show a good picture of the creed.

    and finally a Carly:

    Thanks so much - what would we do without you guys? :nogood:
  3. Looks good!
  4. All of them look good! :tup:

  5. Thanks bunches Starrymaz!!! :yes:
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  7. Hi everyone. I have seen an ad for Carly/Carlys for $69. The person emailed me some photos and I have attached them. Please help me decide if this one is real. I have my doubts, just simply because the first 2 pics shows it as brown, but then the upclose of the leather tag looks black - unless it's lighting. ??

    Thanks for any and all help. :smile:
    productimg1214971757863.jpg productimg1214971814158.jpg productimg1214971850188.jpg
  8. Those bags are cheap and obvious fakes. Why would anyone think you could buy a genuine $300 dollar bag for $69 dollars? WHEN SOMETHING LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS.

    Coach does NOT sell to wholesalers! Anyone selling bags, keychains, wallets or any other Coach item whether on Ebay or in some bogus email or internet ad for less than half of the retail price is selling fakes.
    There's a LOT more wrong with those bags than just the color. Tell the seller to stick their garbage where the sun don't shine. Then if either you or the seller is located in the US, report them to the FBI.
  9. Most of them look ok and so do the sellers. But I personally wouldn't bid on the scarf. The seller has a Disclaimer of Authenticy in the listing:
    I do not claim my items are Authentic because I am not 100% certain and would not want to defraud anyone.

    The keychain seems to be genuine but you're always taking a chance with a new seller. Be sure you receive EXACTLY the same one as in the photo.

    Other opinions would be appreciated.
  10. Thank you Hyacinth, and I will stop bidding on the scarf. It won't take much to outbid me.
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    Hello there! I was wondering if you could tell me if this bag is real or not. I got it at a flea market. I had success with flea markets before, I just wanted to make sure. I know it's an older style because I haven't seen anything like this for years. If it's real, do you know the style name as well or the year that it was made? Thanks!
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