Authenticate This Christian Louboutin Bag

  1. Hey everyone,
    I know some of you have had experiences with Nordstrom Rack's refurbished bags being fake...I just wanted to make sure my CL Bow Clutch is real. There are a few things that I didn't really know about that may or may not be fishy...just let me know!

    --the little silver stud thing next to the tag... is that remnants of a security tag or supposed to be there or what?
    --the tag: "made in italy"?? is it supposed to say that??
    --the color: did CL ever make a bow clutch that color??

    also just a general consensus on whether its fake or not would be great :smile: thank you guys for your help!
    DSC02468.JPG DSC02472.JPG DSC02477.JPG DSC02476.JPG
  2. Wow..Nordstrom Rack!! Great find! This looks real to me! I'm not 100% sure this color was made, but I know there is a tortoise version of this at Saks right now. I haven't seen anyone with a CL handbag on here..but lots of CLs
  3. I can't verify the authenticity - but the little stud thing is to indicate the bag was refurbished. At least that is what I have been told by one of the SAs. Great find. Congrats.
  4. That is totally gorgeous.
  5. And, does anyone know the quality of his bags? TIA.
  6. I told a friend I would help her sell a bag on e-bay. She is in her 60s and I believe the bag came from an auction. She thinks the original cost was $2200. It is a Black Louboutin satchel with chain/leather straps and the chains go around the side of the bag as well. Is anyone familiar with this style? I am trying to find the name, etc. so I can list it. I need to get more info from her as well, but I thought I would try here too. I would appreciate any help.
    IMG_1592.JPG IMG_1590.JPG IMG_1591.JPG IMG_1588.JPG IMG_1594.JPG