Authenticate This Chloe

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  1. I'm sorry, but please do not respond more to me for this bag, because the auction is over and I lost ... not matter ... thanks anyway
  2. #167 Nov 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 12, 2009
    Hello! I just received this bag and I was wondering if you guys could help me authenticate it. Thank you!
    I believe it is the Chloe Medium Paddington Capsule Tote. The leather is black and has a slight shimmer to it.

    Here is the link to the album:

    Thank you!

    hi! I just realized that the Chloe that I mentioned above is not the Capsule tote, but the Capsule Satchel. thanks.
  3. newbaglover - Hi - I'm not sure what you are seeing i.e., 'not even the faintest scratch on the metal plate or the lock' - because I can clearly see scratches etc., on the plate.

    The seller hasn't shown any of the detailing really - need to see the 'Chloe' heatstamp inside the bag, serial/date tag inside the bag. Also want to see the underside of the padlock clearly - and any dustbag if available.

    I note the seller states this has been authenticated by Chloe in Sloane Street, London. As far as I'm aware Chloe do not authenticate in store - :smile: An SA may have given opinion - but bearing in mind that most SA's wouldn't be able to tell a superfake from an authentic - its not really that applicable. Also - Chloe will not uphold any of these 'opinions' - so it is always best to double check any bag -

    We do need the additional photos - and I really wouldn't authenticate right now without seeing the details I've mentioned. The hardware also looks quite red in tone - but it may be due to the lighting. As I've said - the photos aren't showing enough for me to be definitive - it doesn't mean its fake - but its prudent to get the additional photos.

    Hopefully the seller will oblige.
  4. geektutorial - Hi there - this listing has ended - did you buy this Bay? If you did - then post photos when she arrives - and we'll check her for you. Its always good to see the inner datecode tag - and TBH the photos aren't that good - i.e., they aren't large - which is always best for checking.

    In many cases people don't realise there is an inner tag - and/or they don't want to photograph it because they think it will be copied. The number isn't 'bag specific' so its really not an issue to post photos.

  5. Fab.Matreshka - Hi there - this looks ok from the photos provided - do you have any dustbag or care cards etc.? Would be good to see them if possible.

    Also - please do wait for further opinion.
  6. misstsips - Hi - this is a horrible fake:tdown: I love the way its listed as Vintage:graucho:
  7. SweetAly - I wouldn't worry about it - it was damaged - and TBH - I've not been happy with it in any case.
  8. manish&gw - Hi - I think this Bleu Nuit looks ok from the photos provided. The dustbag certainly doesn't belong to this paddy - but the issue is authenticity of the bag - and the dustbag is secondary.

    Please also do wait for further opinion.
  9. hi,

    need some help i got 2 chloe paraty bags pics of it from the seller. can you please help me to see whether its authentic.

    thanks guys!!

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  10. dollygal235 - Hi - is this a current auction listing? If it is - a link would be useful.

    Two photos posted are the same - the other IMO is a webstock photo - and right now - I can't authenticate based on what I can see - as basically - I can't see much.

  11. its some link i found. she sent me those photos. what photos would be sufficient she has some close up ones if it helps. one is the python one and the other is just the plain black one. thats why they look so similar
  12. dollygal235 - So its clearly a website or a selling site I assume.

    Need to see the inner 'Chloe' stamp, datecode tag both sides (inside the bag). Also the engraving on the hardware. The Made in Italy tag inside the bag. Dustbag, care cards. Want to see the bag close up - front, sides and bottom - need to see the scales of the Python skin - The Paraty is faked - and right now I'm inclined to think these may be fake - but further photos would help confirm or otherwise.
  13. are these photos any better?

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