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Aug 20, 2011
********REMINDER******PLEASE READ*********

In order to avoid forth and back postings, before requesting an authentication, please read post # 2 of this thread (here) for all pictures required for an accurate assessment. Please note that pictures all of the required details need to be of quality: non-angled, crisp and sharp, up close and glare-free. I need to be able to see the detailing and authentications can't be done if pictures are lacking. Also, when posting pictures, pls make sure that they are uploaded straight forward/non-angled, so I won't have to save them on my laptop in order to rotate them to the right angle.

Once you have all the required photos, please post your request in the following template and fill out the following:
- Item name:
- Serial number: (please type out)
- Listing number: (eBay listing #, site listing #, or if applicable)
- Seller: (seller ID)
- Link: (link to the sellers listing in eBay or other selling site. Either active, or expired)
- Comments:

Please note: If your request has no valid link to the listing (that's still active, or has ended) and you already bought/are the owner of the bag, you would need to post a login shot.
Login shot: the bag in front of your device while logged into your tPF account (showing your username). Example here
You can only post a login shot if the item is in your possession.
No login shot is needed if you can provide a valid link.

* I will not do authentications without a without a valid link, or login shot.

* Currently I also don't authenticate items from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, nor do I authenticate RTW and footwear.

* If you need an urgent authentication and time is of the essence, please consider using a paid service.

* Also please limit your request to one item per post.

Thanks all!!
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Aug 20, 2011
Hello, I purchased my first vintage Chanel from Rebag a few days ago. I don't have the bag in possession yet, but these are all the pictures from the site. Because this is my first-ever Chanel, I'm a bit nervous even though it's been authenticated by Rebag.

- Item name: Vintage CC Flap Shoulder Bag Quilted Caviar Small
- Serial number: 5444339
- Listing number: Item No. 63844/1
- Seller: Rebag
- Link:
- Comments: If the pictures below are not sufficient, I will post more when I have the bag.

View attachment 4885000

View attachment 4885001

View attachment 4885002

View attachment 4885003

View attachment 4885004

View attachment 4885005
Missing pictures of the CHANEL MADE IN stamp, but no issues foreseen.


Aug 20, 2011
Hi, could you please help authenticate this bag that is now in my possession? I’m going to post pics but will also include a link to the listing.

Item name: Chanel medium classic flap
Serial #: 9844099
Listing # CH.R0817.04
Seller: Ann’s fabulous finds
Comments: I’m a little concerned about the discoloration on the zipper (glue?).

Thank you so much!
Authentic. Yes, that's glue, I have the same bag :smile:


Aug 20, 2011
hello, im wanting to buy my first chanel bag for my birthday and looking at this listing from ebay. please help me check if u think this is authenticate. thank you!

- Item name: chanel medium classic flap vintage
- Serial number: 7654868
- Listing number: eBay item number: 333723280516
- Seller: brand jfa
-Link :
- Comments:
For future requests, pls include a link.


Aug 20, 2011
Thank you for the reply - I'm still waiting on more photos from both sellers, which probably isn't a great sign. In the meantime, I did find one on eBay and the seller messaged me the additional photos I requested, so hopefully you have everything you need to authenticate this one:

- Item name: CHANEL Quilted CC Double Flap Chain Shoulder Bag Black Caviar AK38589f #383722436196
- Serial number: 18513174
- Listing number: 383722436196
- Seller: brand_jfa
- Link:
- Comments:
Prefer a sharper picture of the sticker and would like to see a picture of the zipper pull, but so far looks good. Seller is reputable.

When you post back with new pictures, please make sure to either resubmit all previous info/pics, or quote your initial request/previous posts, so I have all pertinent info pertaining to your request contained in one post.


Aug 20, 2011
So disapointed, it’s my first Chanel :sad: The item was listed on eBay but the payment didn’t go through, then eBay asked seller to make money order and I paid through PayPal. I asked eBay support and they said my case is exemption from eBay money back guarantee. Do I need to get the authentication certificate to show it was fake in order to claim my money back? Thanks for your help
If you paid with Paypal invoice you have up to 6 months to open a case. I would contact Paypal and ask them to open a case for, if you don't know how to do so yourself. You might not need a certificate of non-authenticity. If you do, contact Etinceler. They can help providing a certificate.


Oct 16, 2019
Hello, may I please have this bag authenticated, thanks a lot for your help x

- Item name: Chanel petit cerf tote
- Serial number: Can't seem to see one
- Listing number: 293787304148

- Seller: haute-boutique
- Link:
- Comments: Bought it and I have it in my possession now, the pictures on the listing are limited so I will also post a login shot

View attachment 4885649

View attachment 4885650

View attachment 4885651

View attachment 4885654

View attachment 4885655

View attachment 4885656

View attachment 4885658

View attachment 4885659

View attachment 4885663

View attachment 4885668

View attachment 4885669

View attachment 4885690
Hello ironic568,

thank you for your help. I have quoted my original post because of the picture limit.

- Item name: Chanel petit cerf tote
- Serial number: 18042912
- Listing number: 293787304148

- Seller: haute-boutique
- Link:
- Comments: Found the serial number, thank you

I have now added pictures of the snap buttons at the side, full interior and the serial sticker. There is no card unfortunately












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Oct 24, 2020
Hello authenticators,

I'm thinking of purchasing a chanel bag and have my eye on this one. Please let me know if you think it is authentic or not.

- Item name: Chanel jumbo double flap in black lambskin
- Serial number: 20185225
- Listing number: N/A
- Seller: bagsbunnynyc
- Link:
- Comments: Seller says bag is 6 years old Chanel (20 series) jumbo double flap in lambskin. There is wear on the leather. Minor small indents on the bottom and corner of the bag. Gold color has worn off on the CC clasp, now looks silver. No authenticity card or box. Comes with dustbag.


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Oct 20, 2020
Hi ironic,

Here are some additional pictures you requested. I completely missed the sticker initially, but I managed to find it! Thank you so much for your help!

Hello, my mom bought this wallet on chain when she was in Japan a year ago. After buying my first pre-loved Chanel bag, I got curious about the authenticity of her bag, too. Any opinion would be great! I'm really hoping it is authentic, since laws are so strict in Japan regarding counterfeits.

- Item name: Classic Wallet on Chain in Caviar
- Serial number: 12257736
- Listing number: N/A
- Seller:
- Link: N/A (bag was bought at the store)
- Comments: The serial number is missing inside the bag. This is what started to scare me after doing some research about Chanel bags. Hopefully the attached pictures look fine. Thank you!

View attachment 4885434

View attachment 4885435

View attachment 4885436

View attachment 4885437

View attachment 4885438

View attachment 4885439

View attachment 4885440

View attachment 4885452

View attachment 4885453
Can you look on the lower left corner of the bag, the sticker should be located there, right on the left corner of the leather patch pocket (where MADE IN ITALY is stamped). If gone, I'd still like to see a picture of that corner as there should be some remnants of the sticker left. Can I also see a picture of the full interior?

When you post back with new pictures, please make sure to either resubmit all previous info/pics, or quote your initial request/previous posts, so I have all pertinent info pertaining to your request contained in one post.







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