Authenticate This CHANEL

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  1. #14217 Feb 18, 2018
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2018
    ********REMINDER******PLEASE READ*********

    In order to avoid forth and back postings, before requesting an authentication, please read post # 2 of this thread (here) for all pictures required for an accurate assessment. Please note that pictures all of the required details need to be of quality: non-angled, crisp and sharp, up close and glare-free. I need to be able to see the detailing and authentications can't be done if pictures are lacking. Also, when posting pictures, pls make sure that they are uploaded straight forward/non-angled, so I won't have to save them on my laptop in order to rotate them to the right angle.

    Once you have all the required photos, please post your request in the following template and fill out the following:
    - Item name:
    - Serial number: (please type out)
    - Listing number: (eBay listing #, site listing #, or if applicable)
    - Seller: (seller ID)
    - Link: (link to the sellers listing in eBay or other selling site. Either active, or expired)
    - Comments:

    Please note: If your request has no valid link to the listing (that's still active, or has ended) and you already bought/are the owner of the bag, you would need to post a login shot.
    Login shot: the bag in front of your device while logged into your tPF account (showing your username). Example here
    You can only post a login shot if the item is in your possession.
    No login shot is needed if you can provide a valid link.

    * I will not do authentications without a without a valid link, or login shot.

    * Currently I also don't authenticate items from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, nor do I authenticate RTW and footwear.

    * If you need an urgent authentication and time is of the essence, please consider using a paid service.

    * Also please limit your request to one item per post.

    Thanks all!!
  2. Hello,

    Can you please see if this is authentic? It was previously listed. Thank you!
    Item: grand shopping tote silver
    Serial Number:20303872
    Listing number: 331894198896
    Seller: addictedtofashion
    Link: no longer has link
    Comments:was an auction. Here are pics that were supplied.

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  3. Per Roku:


    The spirit of my volunteer time is to help prospective or very recent purchasers of pre-owned Chanel items with an informed opinion, for the sole purpose of helping them with their upcoming or recent purchase.

    I will only authenticate Chanel handbags and small leather goods:
    1) if the request has an online listing link
    2) or, if there is no listing link available, the request includes photographs that have been taken by you and only you, the requestor.

    Additional requirements as follows:

    REQUEST FORMAT: See post #1 for request format. Many requests get skipped because format is not followed or serial number is not included (must be typed out, being attached in a photographed is not sufficient). Format is important so others can search for the same item before getting it authenticated

    PHOTOS REQUIRED: If the bare minimum needed photos are not included, your request will be skipped. Before including a request with a listing link, please make sure the listing includes the required photos prior to posting. If it does not, please procure those pictures and attach them along with your request post. See Post #2 for photos required, but especially require photos of:

    • Clear photo of front, back, interior shots of the bag,
    • a clear, up-front photo of the hologram sticker (if it exists on the bag) and
    • the CHANEL MADE IN FRANCE / CHANEL MADE IN ITALY / CHANEL MADE IN SPAIN stamps. (for some items including vintage items, the "Made In" stamp is located in a different location. Need both).
    • Hardware, back of zipper pull, back of turnlock plate photos are usually required. If it's a wallet or WOC, photo of the CHANEL PARIS on the button snap needed.
    • If the actual bag (the bag itself, not just the photos available) is missing the hologram sticker, or it is illegible please mention that. Detailed hardware photos become more imperative in these instances.
    • On the flip side, there is no need to re-attach the same photos that are already in the listing. It clogs up the thread. Please, please don't attach photos that are already viewable through the link.
    • If you do not have an online link and are just attaching photos, you must be the one taking the photos of the bag. Include a photo of the bag in front of your username displayed in the black menu bar of the TPF screen, to showcase you have the item in your possession. The backdrop must showcase you logged into TPF. Example here.
    Other reasons why your request may have been skipped:

    • I do not authenticate requests without an online listing link (active or ended), including social media posts from Instagram, Facebook, or photos procured from the seller. I will still authenticate something you have in your possession. Any photos without a link must be taken by the TPF requestor (see preceding bullet).
    • I don't authenticate clothes, clothing accessories, shoes, jewelry, watches, cell phone chains, etc., purses and SLGs only
    • I don’t authenticate photos of most 17 million series and higher reissue, classic flap, classic WOC, GST and boy bags, unless it is from a seller who I know and trust (which are very, very few).Recommended authentication services is at the bottom of this post, but most of them don’t do photos for these either, due to so many super fakes. Sometimes, I will be able to still tell you if it's a fake or superfake.
    • I already authenticated or commented on that particular listing. Please do a search. That’s why we make everyone else follow the format
    • You're not a new member, but it seems that you only use the forum for authentication and not dialogue. Please post more, engage more in the TPF community. If you're new, and an auth reason brought you here, welcome!
    • Something about the bag, the listing, or the seller makes me uneasy, even though everything seems OK on the listing or photos.
    • Posts need to be separated into one request per post.
    • Due to my limited capacity I will no longer be authenticating listings from Craigslist or Gumtree
    • I also currently do not authenticate items on due to my disappointment in the business practices of the company, where they are fully aware of the tens of thousands of misleading listings posted of items that are not in the seller's possession but in a different country, or not available for sale but undisclosed, because it helps them with SEO, traffic and advertising. Authentication in a way potentially helps a sale take place, and I have no desire to assist in the company's profits at this time. Every public shared selling platform has issues with bad listings, stolen photos, etc., but this company not only shows no attempt to fix this issue, but rather partakes in this practice and endorses these sellers, which is why I have singled this site out from others.
    Due to counterfeiter lurkers on this thread and others, we are not permitted to post about authenticity attributes or discuss why's or why not's on authenticity. Keep in mind the only proof of authenticity is the item itself, and the only indicator of authenticity is if the bag is made by Chanel. Every "rule" has an exception, so on and so forth. Those "how to tell if your Chanel is authentic" tutorials do more harm then good. It's like if a doctor did a tutorial on how to perform a heart transplant. Does more harm than good, and is more dangerous than if the person knew nothing at all.

    Recommended online authentication services for a small fee:
    Etinceler Authentications ( - based in United States
    Authenticate4U ( - based in the UK

    Also, please do not PM me for an authentication request unless I've invited you to do so... Please post it here on this thread.

    Thanks :smile:

    this could be why
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  4. Item: Chanel Boy Caviar Leather Flap Bag | Black w/ Light Gold Hardware | Medium
    Serial Number: 21335488
    Listing number: 272296547789
    Seller: *********

    Item: New Authentic Boy Caviar Black Old Medium Bag Gold Hardware
    Serial Number: unknown
    Listing number: 201617043835
    Seller: sfriendsk777

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  5. Dear Lovely Chanel Authenticators,

    Admittedly, I know much less about Chanel than I do Hermes, and I am hoping one of you will show kindness to me by indulging my request for assistance. I did search this forum thread for prior authentication requests on this bag and it did not display any matches. If there is anything else I can provide to you, I am most willing to cooperate. Thank you for the incredibly important service you provide for tPF members!

    Item: Chanel Classic Maxi Double Flap Bag
    Serial Number: 14688036
    Listing number: #CHA106284
    Seller: TheRealReal
  6. #2692 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    Hi ladies :smile: Please help me authenticate this Chanel Jumbo Lambskin Double Flap SHW
    Item: Chanel Jumbo Lambskin Double Flap SHW
    Serial Number: 14995562
    Seller: Authentic Luxuries
    Link: there is no link, it is a consignment bag

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  7. #2693 Jul 9, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
    Item: Chanel timeless classic SO medium bag
    Serial Number: none on the bag
    Seller: me
    Link: there is no link
    Comments: my grandmother has had this purse for years along with many others. Recently she gave it to me to sell to get some money to pay some debts. Any information you can provide will be appreciated

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  8. Happy weekend Roku/Authenticators! Could I please get this item authenticated? Thank you!

    Item: 100% Authentic Chanel Mini Matelasse Chain Shoulder Bag
    Item #: 272302346287
    Serial #: 8787434
    Seller: jtaylor4_2009
  9. Item: Chanel Black Vintage Lambskin Tote
    Serial Number: 3336549
    Listing number: 351759593576
    Seller: yuko0702
    Comments: Popular japanese seller but know that there has been a few hiccups too of fake goods.
  10. This bag is listed as a Chanel black caviar quilted distressed 16c gold flapbag. Does the back pocket look right?

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  11. Thanks for the update.
    Dear Roku, would really appreciate your thoughts on this bag :smile: (Post 2525)
  12. Sorry auction ends

    Jun 19, 2016 ,
  13. Additional photos for thread #2699. I am sorry if I wasn't supposed to send two threads. I was unable to fit all photos in one. It's probably because I don't know how to do it. BTW, thanks Roku/Aunthenticators for your help. I know you are busy and you are volunteering your time to do many of us a favor. I want you to know that I am grateful for such a wonderful community of women who enjoy the same passion for handbags and who are there to help. Chanel 12.jpg Chanel 9.jpg Chanel 8.jpg Chanel 7.jpg Chanel 11.jpg Chanel 10.jpg