Authenticate This CHANEL

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  1. I bought this chanel purse from ebay a few days ago. i never thought about it chould be fake because the reputation of this seller. after i receive the bag. there is a few thing i noticed and i beileve it is not authentic.
    first here is the ebay link

    please look at their pictures. the print that says chanel and made in france on the tag inside the bag are not neat or clear. first i thought it is the camera but when i see it in person they are just like the pictures. the stitches are not as close as the one i saw on other people's listing.

    here is one ebay listing you can compare with

    another old listing

    the bag i bought, there is 5, 15, 5, 15 stitches on the tag

    other listings they all have 7,19, 7,19 stitches on the tag.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.