Authenticate This CHANEL

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  1. Thanks for the information! Yes, I find it odd how it is just found on the 2008 WOCs. I am pretty sure it is authentic..
  2. Not necessarily. I have some vintage cards that still look brand new.

  3. I have done some mistakes so I re-write
  4. Pls help to authenticate this. Thank you ladies.

    Item Name :CHANEL Vintage Black Classic Quilt Shoulder Handbag

    Link :

    Seller: linda*s***stuff

    Comments: I read from that 'Early 0XXXXXX series hologram stickers (1XXXXX to 2XXXXX) did not include the '0' on the stickers; thus, they contain a 6 digit serial number. But the authenticity cards include the '0' in front of the serial number, making it 7-digit.' Does that mean this bag is fake because the sticker begins with 0 and 7 digits?
  5. Hello, this auction was discussed a few days ago. The seller is using pictures from at least two different bags. The pictures are most likely stolen.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.