Authenticate This Chanel

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  1. It looks authentic, but I would confirm with the seller there are specs of glitter on that hologram sticker. I could not make it out in the picture.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Thanks a lot;)

  4. Many of the pictures are too blurry to evaluate for authenticity. Ask the seller for a clear and close up picture of the CHANEL/MADE IN label, hologram sticker, back side of the CC closure and engraving on the interior zipper pull.

  5. We need to see the markings on both the insole and bottom sole.
  6. Okay, thanks I have asked her for close up clear pictures of hologram, number side of card and number sticker part inside bag. Will post the pics up here also :biggrin:

    In the meantime, can anyone ID the bag? Judging by the number it is from 2000-2002.

  7. Medium tweed classic bag with flap.
  8. ok I asked for them but its been a couple of days and no reply. but did the leather look good? I thought it looked a bit thin.

  9. I used to own a tweed classic flap with leather interior. Believe it or not, the leather is quite tough and definitely not thin at all.

    Lack of response is a bad sign.
  10. Hey thanks babes!

    I've contacted the seller and she has updated with the hologram number.
    But why is there no gold specks?

    Pls take a look at this and authenticate this bag!

    Thank you!!! :smile: I appreciate!!

  11. The 1 series hologram sticker is looking good and should not have the glitter.

    Chanel has changed the format and font of their hologram stickers several times through the years.
    Please check this thread to view the differences:
  12. Hey guys!

    please authenticate this cambon wallet :heart:

    thank you!



    :heart:Thanks guys!!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.