Authenticate This Chanel

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  1. ^^ i know, i thought it was strange, too! Again, thanks so much.
  2. Hi ladies, I hope you can help me (again!) I am wondering about the authenticity of this bag, and also the size... I emailed the seller and they haven't replied (in 4 days). I wonder if it's really a medium rather than a small... I also thought some of the pictures showed some minor blemishes that were not mentioned in the listing; is this common with listing photos? Any thoughts? Thanks for your wonderful guidance!
  3. I just authenticated this one, see my post above. Don't know why the seller hasn't responded yet, maybe they're off to a poetry festival?

    This is a small size flap. Can't help you with the blemishes, hopefully the seller will get back to you soon.
  4. Whoops!!
  5. I see the messages crossed... Well, thanks, it's a very strange listing, to be sure. The right bag will come along, I'm confident, even if this isn't it! :yes:

  6. Thanks for your help! I'm attaching some new pictures I received from the seller regarding this auction . Can you tell if it is authentic now?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.