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  1. Please post authenticity questions related to Chanel in this thread. This thread is a continuation of the previous Authentication thread that has been closed for posting.

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  2. Thanks, Vlad! :tup:
  3. Hello everybody,
    I've been posting on the last thread about these Chanel earrings:
    Smoothorpter siad they look ok, but that the black display-thingon the first picture looks strange. I've asked about it:

    Hello! This is her answer about the display thing from the earrings:
    I'd like to know about the black display from picture 1, where the earrings hanging on. Is this original from Chanel?
    > yes, it´s original Chanel (it is velvet). The gift-box is also original Chanel.

    And the most close-up picture from the stamp, she wants to try to make a better picture when its nessary.

    Is it possible to authenticate the earrings only by the look of the earrings and the stamp? And not the box or other things that are add?

    Can anyone tell me if this is the real deal? Thank for your help and time! Greetings from Holland :yahoo:
  4. That auction disappeared!
  5. I fixed the link.
  6. Hello Queen Beatrix ;) The link doesn't work, but I looked at the link you've posted in the old thread. That black velvet thingy doesn't look familiar to me, please wait till Smooth comes along.
  7. I noticed it too late, but thanks anyway!
  8. Thanks for your reply! I'll wait..
    Luckly I don't have the same hair as the queen :p
  9. I just don't think that velvet display thing is from Chanel. All of my Chanel costume jewelry comes with grey eggcrate type foam. I know that recently they started giving tiny dust bags with Chanel jewelry, but I haven't seen the velvet earring holders before. :nogood:

  10. What do you think of the earrings? Do they look okay? Thanks for your help!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.