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  1. This thread has been continued here. Please refer all questions on Chanel authenticity to the new thread. Thanks!
  2. I genuinely thought I had an authentic bag, but now I'm looking at it and finding some weird things. Let me know what you think..

    The first two pictures are of the straps. They show a part where the leather ran out, so it is looped around and a new piece is started. I don't know if this is normal because I don't have anything to compare it to. The last picture is the interior zipper, there is a normal zipper pull, and then the Chanel pull is attached to that?
    Picture 192.jpg Picture 193.jpg Picture 194.jpg
  3. mine looks like that too, but i don't have a zipper pull like yours.
  4. The zipper pull is what really caught my eye.. I think I'm going to contact the seller..
  5. The straps on bags I have seen so far look like that. I don't have that bag, so I can't go check details on the zipper. I love your bag, hope it's real!!
  6. I think that you and selena bought from the same person... i remember these bags on her thread. Oh boy, I really hope they are good bags! Sorry you are having to deal w/this!
  7. I also am not accusing anyone of anything. I want to be crystal clear. I am simply gathering information as anyone would do regardless of where they bought there bags from. I am totally in LOVE with my bag I just am confused about the screws.
  8. I have pulls like that on Chanel bags that I have and know are authentic so I think youre in the clear!
  9. Not making any accusations. Just stating my thoughts as I recalled these two bags. Like I said, I really hope they are authentic, and from the sounds of it, they seem legit, Yay for you guys!
  10. This is a quote taken from burberry princess web page on Chanel's........"When examining the leather strap, make sure it is a long single continuous piece of leather folded together on either the side or in the middle. In some lines, two long continuous pieces of leather are put together. Check the heft and weight of the chain." (burberry princess)
  11. ^it looks good to me. . . maybe someone else will weigh in.
  12. ooh.. really? cuz i was sooo going to hit the BIN.... dying for a red flap bag....

    although.. my dream one is the jumbo in red... should i hold out?
  13. Hold out for what you really want!
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