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  1. Do you know the name of this bag?
  2. Hi Again, thank you for the extra pictures, the bag pictured is authentic..hope this helps.:smile:
  3. I think there's no specific name for this bag back then, sorry..
  4. Thank your so much :smile:;);) for your help
  5. You're welcome, happy to help!
  6. Thank you ! I won't risk it then !! Thanks a lot !!
  7. Hi There, the bag pictured is authentic, unfortunately we are not able to help you with regarding the seller and the complain, however, I have purchased twice from them personally and very happy with their service and my Chanel bags are authentic! hope this helps?:smile:
  8. Please do not buy from this site, it's a counterfeit website, the seller is using stolen pictures of authentic bags from reputable sellers and selling the same bag in multiple quantities.

    These are all fake
  9. You're welcome.
  10. I was thinking that they must have using stolen pictures, I'm not aware of the website, thank you for clarifying that CB, it's awful that people do this..pppffttt
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.