Authenticate this Chanel pls

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  1. this is my 3rd attempt to post my inquiry if somebody could provide me with a link to the right forum I would really appreciate that!

    Item: Chanel BNWT boy caviar old medium shoulder bag
    Serial # 23138063
    Seller: cutiecue (tradesy)

    I purchased this bag yesterday. It's supposed to arrive in a couple of days. Seller said she'll provide me with a copy of the receipt, box, ribbon, dust bag and authenticity card. Just like if I purchased it at the store. Thank you so much for your input

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  2. Hi Fitmonster,

    All requests for authentication should be posted in the dedicated thread, which Adrian Ho has kindly posted a link to. Please ensure you read the very first post on this thread as it details the requirements of our authenticators in order to be able to process your request quickly and efficiently.

    Thank you :smile:
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.