Authenticate this Chanel ~ Found in a Weird Location!

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Apr 11, 2008
Ladies and Gents, any help on authenticating this (albeit fuzzy) picture of a pink Chanel would be greatly appreciated! (Will post the pic in my next item, takes me a while....;)

I don’t have a ton of details…which I know doesn’t make this easy…but my friend found this bag in a heap of items that were being discarded in his apartment building. That immediately leads me to think it is not real – but we live in a nice area near DC, where it wouldn’t be completely unheard of that some angry girl might throw out a pink Chanel she got from her ex? Maybe??

The things he described about the bag – there is a soft sueded Chanel lining, the leather feels of excellent quality (his cousin has a similar Chanel so he's seen a live one before) – there is no authentication card, and he hasn’t searched for any type of identifying code yet.

My questions to the forum gurus:

1) Do we think this type of bag has any possibility of being real? I don’t own any Chanel (yet!) so I am not sure if this is an actual style that was done in the light pink.
2) What are the other things he should look for.

He is also considering taking it to a Chanel store to be authenticated as well.

Thanks in advance!!!
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