Authenticate this Chanel boy bag pls.

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Aug 7, 2014
Help me authenticate this chanel pls. She has listed her bag like this:

Chanel boy size Medium perfect used condition up for sale.
From a Paris Dallas collection 2014 - Large Stitch Boy in Caviar Leather
Perfect condition.
This particular bag has lost dustbag, card and hologram sticker during time.
I have received many inquiries about its authenticity, and so many people have misunderstanding about REAL CHANEL bag.
The hologram stickers were placed on the lining of the bags to prevent theft. So the purpose of the sticker is not solely placed on the authenticity of the bag. The only real way to make sure you’re not purchasing a fake bag is to pay attention to the craftsmanship of the bag.
Detail of the lock, chain, leather and small small details are much more important.
This bag was purchased in 2015 for USD5000 by my loyalty customer and I guarantee the authentic of this bag for whoever will buy it.
I am very happy to come to Chanel store or consignment to verify the bag with you and will give you $5000 if it was fake


Not open for further replies.