Authenticate This CÉLINE

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  1. Hi Sophia! Your opinion on this one would be so appreciated. I’ve already got the bag and would like to know if I need to apply for a refund or not. Thanks for your help in advance xx
  2. 01E15346-13F6-427F-A706-1111699A04F8.png FB1748B4-BAEC-41CD-BFE3-4A88BCF3C43C.png 10ED96BC-37F7-42C8-BA5A-797351CF793E.png 1F9132F9-EEA1-463E-8452-E2E664E081EC.png 036A30CB-1A1E-4E74-AEED-0CFDA6ABAAA7.png F9CCAE51-A185-4D1B-9614-AF6BFA22C1A2.png 6D267506-BEB1-4432-9DF6-30BAA7680B2D.jpeg EF8C13A7-138A-4493-BD10-453B27E55370.jpeg D2CD1839-D46B-4791-B747-800816FAA767.jpeg
  3. Hi- your opinion appreciated on this one. Private purchase Celine Cabas Phantom. I can send more pictures if needed.
    05AFF7AA-0962-4DC8-926C-AB495917AD0F.jpeg E0D23776-EA83-419C-A6E5-FE878D0268AB.jpeg 533AD669-5F18-44B8-A7B7-A1A0B580395A.jpeg 3644FD7E-F3CF-4D3B-98E5-8FC425C67E3B.jpeg 5B405951-5491-4CC2-A009-9211AAB83F75.jpeg AC25706F-901C-44E7-8310-EEFBC4F68B15.jpeg F89C3F5E-19E7-40F7-8DE9-157593AD2286.jpeg C2DED48A-454B-4115-BCE0-163FCCAF32C3.jpeg C0F0C00B-D6E2-49ED-A09F-8DE41FBA7B43.jpeg C3741873-E2E8-4468-99ED-B595FBF75A1E.jpeg
  4. Item: CELINE Soft Grained Calfskin Small Sangle Bucket Bag Grey

    Listing Number: 273648349491

    Seller: yaqining


    Comments: Hi Sophia - I’m a little nervous about this bag because the seller has 0 feedback. I asked for some additional photos and she was responsive and send them quickly (I’m attaching them as well). I did ask for the serial number but haven’t heard back. Thanks in advance for looking - I have my fingers crossed that it’s authentic!

    51E840D5-DB00-4267-BFD8-CB254D3A7282.jpeg 6E338F10-0504-43A6-9364-A26CC2936FA8.jpeg 0628BAB8-639E-4667-BE9B-287DF09F3BD2.jpeg FE2BFD9B-BD1D-4CCA-9B94-D8072ED73774.jpeg
  5. Thank you so so much Ms Sophia. I think the Céline box is such a beauty.
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  6. Thank you so much ms Lisa!
    Do you have any experience on how to take care or cure the scratches on the leather? :smile:
  7. This bag is fake. The logo is completely off.
  8. Thanks, Sophia! Really appreciate your time and help
  9. Thanks so much Sophia, I appreciate!
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  10. Looks authentic, but do send the additional photos when you get them!
  11. Hi I’ve
    I have already purchased this so would really appreciate if I need to request a refund. I always thought HEWI ****************** so would look at it first but they don’t its sent straight to the buyer so don’t know where else to turn to. Could you please assist
  12. Your help would be really appreciated
  13. Hi Sophia - apologies for bringing this up again but please could you have a look at this Nano? It has already been purchased. Many thanks x
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