Authenticate This CÉLINE

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  1. I'm sorry but I think i didn't see the format
    Item: Celine Classic Box Medium Size in Nude
    Listing number : NA
    Seller: Fashionphile
    I think that it is authentic however the hardware is different from the other boxes i have seen in this forum. I just want to double check before I bite the bullet also if you have any recommendations on ho to remove the scratch in front
  2. 33727E7E-48F1-48C8-B48B-AAD0103AAC66.jpeg 3797513C-6F24-4A1B-B6D9-81F2272B093D.jpeg 6B566633-1273-4FA4-9AEA-8D2D84597AC3.jpeg 3FA504FF-902B-4BF5-80A8-B1FA9D6FDAB1.jpeg 8DC014A3-B66C-48AA-96C3-8044575C5FA5.jpeg
    Hi Sophia,
    Here are more images on the big bag.
  3. 407D33D2-69EF-452A-BD4F-DF56614E0283.jpeg 68CBBF2A-C7DC-4A4F-9F3D-A4E3062F8BCD.jpeg 2951F78C-9C04-4C38-997F-D25B7A9032F6.jpeg 5F01DA75-7F50-4296-8498-85BAA03E1C2B.jpeg 2133E9F6-3118-40CA-92B8-917B9708FC43.jpeg Hi Sophia,

    One more trip bag.
    Thank you!
  4. Hi all,

    I just purchased a Céline classic box in black from Reebonz. I’m pretty sure it’s authentic, but I’m a little anxious since there are some bad reviews about Reebonz. It looks good to me compared to another box I have, and I’d appreciate your opinion. Thank you!
    Item: Classic box in black (with old logo)
    Listing Number: n/a
    Seller: Reebonz
    Comments: Reebonz said their stock is FW18.
    7ED2FA65-9125-489E-8EBD-808AC1B717EE.jpeg 33E5F7A4-972A-4A29-AC83-39D210BBCEB2.jpeg E0BF7B3B-506C-4073-BAE9-C0DA3EDAA627.jpeg 3E5A893A-C702-4B8C-B7DE-CE590E496F27.jpeg FD4A614B-06A6-46CE-9306-64053DB3B949.jpeg AE0A3432-52EA-4B78-B960-918736240227.jpeg 8C1BA93D-0F07-42BA-A5B1-1F54DB762548.jpeg 75861040-2E9F-4543-9C96-ABEBC2A05371.jpeg A123E003-86A9-4DC4-8740-56A552320D1A.jpeg
  5. Can you please look inside the bag and see if you can post a photo of the serial number- it should be located in the seam.
    Thank you.
  6. Authentic :smile:
  7. The item has been sold, I cannot authenticate it.
  8. Authentic. Bag is from 2012 - hardware was different in earlier versions of the bag.
  9. This is authentic.
  10. I tried to find it myself but couldn’t. I went to a Céline store today to see if they can help me but they said box bags don’t have serial numbers :sad:
  11. Thank you, Sophia!
  12. Thank you Sophia
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