Authenticate This CÉLINE

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  1. hi sophia,
    we couldn't pm you either, there's no message feature on your profile or idk how to message you?
  2. You can't PM sophia - because she's an authenticator - I tried and the site doesn't allow it :sad:
  3. tried but you would probably get inundated with messages :sad: tPF doesn't allow an option to PM you :sad:
  4. Hello! Can you please help take a look at this Celine box bag? Thank you!

    Item: Celine medium box
    Listing Number:na
    Seller: jomashop

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  5. Hi! I just came across your post, I purchased a Celine box bag in caramel from an ebay seller recently with the exact same serial number. The bag turned out to be fake. Just thought I’d let you know!

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  6. OMG really? I did buy on Ebay as well but returned it. Last week the return package was returned to me after 2 months I sent it back and got my money back. What should I do with it? the buyer even included the receipt from Barneys as well.
  7. Dear MS Sophia, Could you please tell that Celine Trapeze is authentic bag or not? Thank you so much

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  8. Hi, would like to have this authenticated, being sold by an individual

    Item: Celine nano belt bag nude
    Listing number: n/a
    Seller : euroauth

  9. Item: Celine crossbody bag
    Listing Number: 278450876
    Seller: superbillystyle
    Comments: questionning authenticity of this vintage piece.
    Any help would be great! Thanks in advance:smile:

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  10. Item: Celine Small Sangle Seau
    Listing Number: 482984
    Seller: fashionphile
    Comments: This is the small sangle Seau but it has pockets on the outside...I thought only the original larger size had outer pockets? It is also the old logo. Did a quick google search and found another small with pockets on the real real but none on original Celine website. Thanks!
  11. Hi Sophia/Celine Authenticators!

    I really need your help in authenticating a Celine classic box bag that I recently purchased on Tradesy because I am having doubts about whether this bag is real. I did some research online and noticed that my bag has some signs that it is fake such as stitching on the back of the bag, YKK zipper, and screws in the strap buckles. I only have 1 or 2 days left before this purchase reaches the deadline for returns or filing a claim. Please help me authenticate this bag. Thanks in advance!

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  12. I realized I had forgotten to include pictures of the strap buckles

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  13. Hi Sophia/Celine Authenticators!
    I just got a celine medium box bag from an ebay seller, but I'm starting to question its authenticity since the logo looks a bit off. Can someone help me out? I really appreciate it! :smile:

    Item: Celine medium box
    Listing Number:
    Comments: Logo doesnt match with the carecard logo; date code U-MP-0147.

    Thank you in advance! IMG_0902.jpg IMG_8284.jpg IMG_7546.jpg IMG_4185.jpg IMG_8100.jpg IMG_2213.jpg IMG_3944.jpg IMG_4196.jpg IMG_8742.jpg IMG_8035.jpg IMG_0911.jpg IMG_2662.jpg