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    Can anyone tell me if this is geniune? I dont know much about Celine.
    eBay: 2007 Celine FRAME handbag bag purse $1450 NWT (item 110081069698 end time Jan-29-07 18:30:00 PST)
  2. i really really like that bag. i was eyeing it when it first came out but unfortunately i can't afford it's retail price. nor can i authenticate this.. sorry.. maybe in the authenticate this forum?
  3. I am worried , it seems to good to be true.....................
  4. bump plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol
  5. Has anyone come across a fake Boogie? I got a Boogie on eBay (yes, I know....) and I received it yesterday - I have other Celine bags so the logo looks fine, there is a serial number (but then Celines are not hard to copy....) the leather is supersoft, the shape is fine, the cover bag looks like my others BUT...
    it has a really weird smell, and it came with a leather sample attached, wrapping paper around the zip .....

    my gut tells me it is real but my suspicious mind questions now bec later I will just be sorry and can't do anything about it.....

    I wanted to post pics but can't get to these bec my info right now not available on eBay....

    I appreciate if you share your experience with me.

  6. I own a Celine Transat Satchel (is a version of the Boogie) and I know for SURE that Celine NEVER sells bags with 'leather sample' tags on them. Now, tissue usually comes on the metal hardware, but that's about it. The only tags you should see are on string cords, not plastic. Anyhow, sounds like a fake from the info you stated.
    You should bring this issue to the 'Authentication' area of PF.
  7. Need photos or eBay item number to help!!!!

    Also how many feedback does seller have and how long on ebay?
  8. So sorry to hear Lara, please post pics so we can help you.
  9. Thanks for all your replies -

    As for ebay seller - a new seller (I know - total rookie mistake - I really SHOULD know better...... just got carried away) - has two positives but then that could be bec buyers also don't know....

    here are pics from the auction - I will post pics of the bag once my camera's battery is re-charged....

    ^^ which authenticate this thread should I use? there is not any for Celine???

    Also, do any of you understand the Celine authentication numbering?

    thanks again for all your help
    0d7a_1.JPG 0e9a_1.JPG 10e6_1.JPG 1058_1.JPG 1186_1.JPG
  10. Hi,

    I have a red biker boogie bag - the interior is a plain black cotton-type material, the authentication numbering is two letters (which seem to correspond to the designer's name) two numbers, a slash, then two more numbers (i.e. AB12/34). Unfortunately, I don't know what this means.

    The leather hangtag you mentioned does worry me. I didn't even know they made fake Boogie bags, but I just went to the ebay of fake bags, typed in "celine bag" and one of the first ones that popped up had that dern leather tag.

    The zipper pull on mine also looks very different from yours - but of course, they could have changed them since I purchased mine. Perhaps a check on eluxury at Celine bags will help some more. If you have *any* doubts, I think you should ask seller for refund *or* chargeback to credit card. Maybe a post in the ebay forum can help with that.

    I hope I helped a little. Good luck with this!
  11. The zipper pull is the current style ... does it have Celine stamped on the edge of the zipper pull next to the circle?
    Also, what do you mean by a hang tag? Did I miss a photo of this?
    One thing that bothers me is the zipper pull is shiny and the zipper looks very dull?

  12. It looks suspect.

    Can you let us know the item number.
  13. Thanks again for all your replies - here my update - below is the link to auction (I am sooooo dumb sometimes.... seriously....) Brand New Authentic Elegant Celine Pink Handbag (item 130068787572 end time 18-Jan-07 20:39:11 GMT)

    I compared to my other Celine bags (one is another boogie but older style so different zip - yes, it does say Celine next to the circle) but the zipper thing (so dull...) worried me as well.
    Also what worries me is that middle compartment is not double lined like with my other bags... (it is the small detail right?), and the gold hardware is more shiny than with my other bag (but the other one is an older style, not boogie, and has been used, so that could be why???) And the side compartment is not integrated in my other boogie but rather separately attached - it is a totally different style though (the one with all the studs - quite rock style)

    The seller says that the bag is bought from Celine manufacturer, so no receipt, and that the bag was kept in a store with other stuff so it has a smell... it came with the care booklet but then that could be from another bag??? Does Celine even sell to individuals?

    I also never thought that there were copies of Boogies but ....????

    Ah, just too good to be true, isnt it?:wtf::shrugs:
  14. Oh I forgot, the leather sample hang off it with a string (not plastic) - but like all of you said, it is strange???

    I will take pics of my bag, maybe these are not the same??? (which would be even worse....) :crybaby:

    The number is similar style with my other bags - they only vary after the slash... but how these relate to the bags is not clear

    Thanks again for all your help.
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