Authenticate This Cartier

  1. Sorry for my last thread. i couldn't find authenticate this ferragamo thread

    but now, i seriously cannot find authenticate this cartier thread, so i'm posting this. Sorry for the mess guys.

    Item Name: Cartier Black/Red Genuine Leather Wallet Mens New NR
    Listing number: 270558862036
    Seller name or ID: nps
    Working Link:

    Item Name: Santos De Cartier Wallet Black Leather NEW Authentic
    Listing number: 180489866452
    Seller name or ID: withlove00
    Working Link:

  2. There is no Cartier leather good authentication thread on tPF.

    I'm sorry I don't know anything about Cartier leather goods but hopefully there's someone else who is more knowledgeable who will find your thread and help you.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this Cartier is authentic. I do not know anything about Cartier, so any information is appreciated. Thanks!
    I have more pictures, but I see I can only have 5. First time poster here. :biggrin:
    Cart1.jpg Cart2.jpg Cart3.jpg Cart4.jpg Cart5.jpg
  4. More pictures
    Cart6.jpg Cart7.jpg Cart8.jpg Cart9.jpg Cart10.jpg
  5. The rest of the pictures
    Cart11.jpg Cart12.jpg Cart13.jpg Cart14.jpg Cart15.jpg
  6. A friend gave it to me 10 yrs ago and been wondering if it is authentic. TIA
    paulsmith 007.jpg paulsmith 009.jpg paulsmith 012.jpg paulsmith 016.jpg
  7. Nobody :thinking:??
  8. Hi everybody, I hope I'm doing this right as I looked but didn't find a Cartier forum/sticky so here it is: can anyone help me authenticate this MARCELLO? Thanks everybody for your great job!

    Item Name: Marcello de Cartier Handbag
    Item Number: 230472655879
    Seller ID: nzdeviant
  9. Hi, please could someone help me authenticate this purse. It was given to me by a relative a few years ago who said it was genuine - but I am doubtful. It is a burgundy red Cartier wallet/purse, with lots of slots for credit cards etc. and a centre zipped cash compartment. On the outside of the shiny 'leather?' purse there are raised up Cartier logos, inside it says Cartier Paris in gold. The inside conmpartments are divided by a silky material with the Cartier Paris logo. The centre zip has a small tag marked Cartier and the small press stud fastening has some letters around the stu:yahoo:d. Hard to read as partly worn but look like HASI.HATO. the stitching around the purse looks like it was done on a machine, but doesn't look like the stitching you see on a lot of fakes. I notice on a lot of Cartier wallets there are gold edge corners, this purse does not have these. Any help please???
  10. ^Please post a picture and I can look at it. I have a Cartier handbag.
  11. a picture would help....
  12. Hi,

    I am having problems sending the photos of the purse. Can you supply an email address please?

    Many thanks
  13. You might want to look in the help section below and see how to post pictures. You have to attach them...I don't think people on this Forum will give you there personal email. Good Luck..
  14. Hi Everyone, Im new here but I picked this up at a thrift store the other day and cant tell if its authentic. For the price it was worth the chance. Thanks Alot for any help you can give me.
  15. It looks like Cartier similar to the "Happy Birthday series. Does it have a gold stamp that says Cartier Paris on it? I only have one handbag and it has a gold stamp. I don't know what ELFC made in France??