Authenticate This Cartier

  1. Superale ciao!mi sa che tu devi comprare la borsa della mia amica,il suo nick su fb è olivina pink vero? :smile:
    It's not nice writing in italian, so I translate what I wrote to superale : Hi superale, I think that you want to buy my friend's bag, she is olivina pink on facebook, isn't she?

    Have you got all photos you need now? :smile: If you need more, I'm ready :smile:
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!you are great!
  2. other pics:smile::smile::smile:
    255251_138536739620293_476172394_n.jpg 385494_138535719620395_1706874286_n.jpg 558411_138535812953719_1183206589_n.jpg
  3. is autentic?
  4. It's looking promising. But I want to see this photo. Here is one of mine. Its night time here, so my light was not so good. I want to see the letter or number on the back of the zipper head please. Thank you.
    Cartier bag zipper head1.jpg
  5. Hi, a friend of mine came across this vintage Cartier scarf and we would like to know if it is authentic and any other info on it. Thanks!
    P8170829.JPG P8170831.JPG P8170832.JPG P8170834.JPG P8170833.JPG P8170835.JPG
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    Greetings from Finland! Could you please help me (and my cousin whose purse this actually is) authenticating this Must de Cartier purse from the late 90's. Pictures here (click pics to get larger images):

    In last picture there are two cards but only one came with this purse, the other one came with the scarf.
  7. Hi,

    There was no link under "Authenticate This" for Cartier bag.

    But I purchased one Ebay, and has not paid yet. Really want to confirm it is authentic before making payment.

    Any experts could help to authenticate the Cartier bag for me, please ?

    Item:Cartier Green Calf Leather Single Flap Shoulder Bag Purse
    Listing Number:221118493776

  8. There are many photos inside the link, please help to authenticate it! I have to pay for it soon!!!
  9. This one is looking promising. I'd like to see close ups of the zippers and stamps. When you get the bag, please post good clear closeups of these taken in natural light from about 10cm away using the Macro function on your camera.