Authenticate This Bvlgari

  1. They were selling these at TJ Maxx a few months ago.
  2. Is this a good thing or a bad thing.. lol... not familiar with tjmaxx. But is this one from eBay authentic?
  3. ^ well, never heard of this store either but i don't think they sell bulgari there. means, it's fake.
  4. Hi, I received the item but the inner arm has its writings unreadable. I see Italy and CE on one side.... and 6803 135[]..... and the rest had been rubbed off..

    The seller stated that they used a cleaner to clean the sunglasses and it rubbed off.

    Another question is, looking at the sunglasses, i see these wavy patterns pinkish-greenish all over the lens? it's not noticeable from far away, but I can see it looking into the lens? :sad:



    Cleaning cloth
  5. If the glasses are clean and you still see these wavy lines it means the coating on the glasses are rubbing off. I'm not familiar with this style of Bvlgari, but without the inner markins its hard for me to tell if its authentic or not. Nevertheless, if the coating is rubbing off on the sunglasses you should return them to the seller. No point of wearing sunglasses that aren't fully protecting your eyes. HTHs!
  6. is it possible to fix?
  7. The coating you mean? If you love the frames and want to try to save them rather than buying a new pair of sunnies then you can you can send them back to Luxottica for them to replace the lenses. This will only work if you have authentic Bvlgari sunglasses because Luxottica will not accept a repair order on products not made by them. If you take them to a store that sells Luxottica sunglasses or glasses, I'm sure they can help you by calling them and giving you a quote on how much this will cost.
  8. Hi all,
    I'm just new here so any help will be much appreciated!
    I've been looking to buy my boyfriend a wallet for his birthday
    The Bvlgari ones are gorgeous, but the one's I've seen in the store have no coin pocket.
    ..Then I saw this one on eBay

    It's perfect - but for the price, I would just like to know if it is authentic!

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  9. I bought this Bvlgari bobby messager bag in recent sales and would like to know if this is authentic. Thanks.


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    Hello there, dear fellow bag lovers!

    Please, I need your qualified opinion and ASAP.

    I got this bag and must know if it is authentic or not. :thinking:
    Tomorrow's the dead-line for return.

    The photos are here >>> clicky-clicky <<<.

    Is it exactly Bvlgari black python Aggie handbag.

    Looking forward to your comments!!!