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  1. I sent the seller an email regarding the pics, as im also interested in this bag:graucho: , but the responce i got was: No more picks available at this time.:yucky: :yucky:
    Do you think the seller is selling fakes? Its bit fishy how the seller did not include any pics of the buckle:confused1: :confused1: Lastly the canvas and leather is bit browny, does this mean the bag is fake?:push:
  2. I'm new to Burberry so I have a few questions about the novacheck... How do I tell if what I'm looking at is fake? I stare and I stare and I get dizzy. :shrugs: What are the distinctive markings that I should look out for?

  3. Hi. I'm new to this site, so I actually just replied to another thread with this question, but I figured it might help to just start a new thread to ask....

    I just ordered a Burberry quilted Constance Jacket off of eBay. It's black. I know there's a lot of questions on here about whether or not a Burberry item is real ...unfortunately I wanted to add myself to this list and thought I'd start by asking all of you who own one of these jackets.

    The tags look good, buttons, shape, sizing, everything (I've inspected quite a few of these in the store before purchasing to avoid any doubt) and the only thing I'm concerned about is that the inner lining of the jacket, which is signature plaid, and has black threads forming "diamond" shapes throughout (if that makes sense...i dont know what type of stitching that's called). i can't go back to the seller's original posting to show you pics because it's been deleted, but I feel like all the ones I've seen in the stores and online have white stitching. Can someone please confirm what color the stitching is on the Black Constance Jacket? I'd really appreciate it. Also - if you flip the collar up, the three black stripes on the novacheck lining are running vertically, and the red line is horizontal...on the online pictures I've seen, I thought it was the opposite.

    P.S. This item came in a sealed Burberry plastic bag with a Burberry gift bag...if that helps. Also, the seller was not one of the ones with a million Burberry items for sale (a dead giveaway), this was the only one, so I was more apt to believe it was real. What do you guys think?
  4. post the link to the auction or post photos
  5. Here is the link for the item: eBay: Authentic Burberry Quilted Black Jacket New! Size Large (item 170042535793 end time Oct-25-06 20:34:08 PDT)

    If that doesn't work, try typing in the item #, which is 170042535793[​IMG]

    See the picture where there is white stitching around the burberry label, and how you cant see any stitching on the novacheck cuffs? Well, on the jacket I received, the stitching is BLACK, which doesn't correspond with the photo of the label here. Can anyone who has one of these jackets please confirm what color the thread of the stitching is - black or white? If this doesn't help garner some responses, I'll try taking photos of my coat tonight.
  6. I have 2 quilted jackets from Burberry, one black, one beige, and in both, the stitching on the inside is beige.
    This seller's pics look like they're pulled from different department store sites...that seems a little iffy to me. Can you get your money back?
    Hope this helps!
  7. I was able to take pictures of my coat last night...if any of you experts can take a look and let me know what you think, that'd be great....I think it looks really good, except the black stitching doesn't seem right to me. Does anyone have one of these coats with black stitching?
    coat shot 1.jpg coat shot 2.jpg coat shot 3.jpg coat shot 4.jpg coat shot 5.jpg
  8. Hey guys.

    How can you tell whether a burberry scarf is real or fake? My friend told me that if there is a plastic circle with the brand name on it, attached to the tag, it means the item is a fake. Is that true?

    For instance, check out this scarf:

    Costco Burberry Nova Check Cashmere Scarf

    There is a plastic circle on the tag, but then this scarf is from Costco. So, I dont know anymore.
  9. That's a good question... there are many different versions of the Nova Check and it depends on the age of the item also.

    The pattern should match throughout the bag, especially where two pieces of material meet - the other side should mirror that, KWIM?

    There should be a tag inside and what that tag looks like and information it has on it again depends on the age of the bag.
  10. Do you have any pics of the interior and both sides of the interior tag? Sorry to be getting to your post so late.
  11. NO pics = NO buy

    Fishy indeed...
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