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  1. Hi could you help know how to authenticate burberry handbags?

    Thank you,

  2. Do you have any picture of the bag or a link to eBay auction?
  3. Sure, no problem.

    I just sold two of them on eBay and still have some pictures at hand for one of them. Here they are.

    For others we may need to wait a little. For Prorsum bags, I don't even remember seeing the tags inside...
    tag1.JPG tag2.JPG
  4. :yahoo: Great! :yahoo: They look very similar the one for auction.
    i confirm, Prorsum ligne doesn't have serial no., in my Cinda there's just a tag with "Burberry - prorsum" and the knight, not even "made in Italy".
  5. Could totally be due to that... :shrugs:
  6. Thanks for posting... :yes:
  7. If you look around their site, they have expensive bags at 50% off the retail... that already makes me suspicous...
  8. Couple of questions:
    Do all burberry bags have a tag in them?

    I know the pattern should match up when the seams come together, but what if there is leather piping? Should the pattern still match up?

  9. I just received a Burberry handbag I purchased from Ebay. I checked out the seller in detail. Once I won the auction, I sent payment. Ebay informed me the next day the the item listing was removed and I did not have to pay - too late! So I received my handbag today. The Burberry tag has a product number 11524282 - BPC Tulip. There is also a 12021 BE/BLK sticker on it. The bag looks OK from the outside however it appears the inside lining has glue markings on it. It also has a "Made in China" tag inside. Do you think I have been taken? It was advertised as an "Authentic Burberry"
  10. Can you post some pictures? Burberry does make some of their bags in China, so we'll have to see all the details to give a better opinion.
  11. To #1: No. For Burberry Prorsum bags I haven't seen any leather tabs in them so far. I have a Karina hobo and a Cinda, and have examined some others in Nordstrom (yeah...got some 'what's wrong with you' type of look while doing so...:shame: ).

    To #2: From my experience they do try to match it too if possible. Sometimes it's just impossible though - if the bag is 'tapered', the rectangular plaid just won't match.

    Hope this helps.
  12. Does this look real?
  13. hi there! i'm new to the purse forum, but i am an active member of honestforum. i am trying to help a fellow HFer out with some burberry items and we were wondering if eDesignerShop - Premium Online Store of Authentic Designer Brands (Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga & JP Tods) at Discount Prices is legit... could someone please help? thanks so much!

    here is the auth guarantee:
    eDesignerShop - Premium Online Store of Authentic Designer Brands (Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Balenciaga & JP Tods) at Discount Prices
  14. Stay away from that site...
  15. Do you have any more pics?
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