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  1. Does this look authenicate

  2. Hard to tell.........maybe you could post an auction link? :yes: It seems consistent with many of Burberry's designs, but they usually seem to have black trim rather than burgundy.
  3. Yes, this purse definitely looks authentic.

  4. - Red is another option to black as far as the trim, you can also find this model in brown leather trim also.
  5. Need pics of the sides, bottom, inside, tag - both sides...
  6. I am new to this board. I have been a purse fanatic since I was about three. I fell in love with Burberry and for a gift to myself for my birthday, I purchased an adorable coin purse in their classic nova check pattern. Then, I found myself buying a wallet in South Beach last winter. What is the opinion---if I am delving into the world of Burberry bags....an allover Burberry print, or a solid trimmed in Burberry check? I work in finance, so my work wardrobe has to be conservative....I am mostly pinstripes and sweatersets....so, based on that, what are some thoughts?
  7. Welcome to the Purse Forum! It would be great if you posted a new thread with your question in the general Burberry forum - this thread is for authentication opinions. Thanks! :flowers:
  8. Ah-got it. Apologies! I am new to forum, which shall be my excuse. :shame:
    Thanks for the advice.
  9. I believe the seller is legit - many of the items are older discontinued items and some have damage which may explain the low prices.
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