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  1. image-3837477825.jpg image-1887238964.jpg image-3542716323.jpg image-3510524605.jpg
  2. Here the pics below
  3. Genuine. Kids.
  4. Thanks i got worry for a moment.
  5. You are welcome.
  6. Hi Terite, hope these pics help! By Burberry badge do u mean the leather stamp inside the bag or the metal plaque on the outside?
    eBay link -

    Also I see there's a typo on the authenticity card but from this other thread, seems a few ppl have the same typo when buying from the Hong Kong store, is this pretty common for Burberry?

    thank you!!!
    buberry inside tag.jpg burberry external metal badge.jpg burberry interior.jpg burberry made in tag side 2.jpg burberry made in tag side 1.jpg burberry authenticity card.jpg
  7. Thank you very much. I will try and get that photo. Much appreciated
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  10. It is fake - T
  11. Ok thanks. Heavy sigh, I was hoping it was real but did have my doubts.
  12. What were your doubts?

    Have you paid for the bag yet?

    Sometimes it is a reason to be suspicious when they don't show photos of the details of the bag.
  13. I have paid, I received it today. The Burberry patch on the inside is the one thing that seemed really wrong. It is a lot like my other Bridle bag, the heaviness of the material, the little pony on the zipper and buckle hardware. But honestly, I can't tell if the top is leather, it smells like it but feels thin and slippery. The detail on the pockets and handle look very good though. I really wanted it to be real because this bag is so hard to find.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.