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    Instinct says fake.

    The stamps look muddy to me, AND the size is unusual for a belt made in the UK. Is it genuine leather/patent leather? This would be your biggest clue - fake belts are rarely genuine leather. Belt looks warped and the buckle is not engraved - stitching looks poor.

  2. i was thinking the same too. i don't think it's genuine patent leather. thanks always for your help!

  3. You are welcome!
  4. thank you so much!
  5. You are welcome!
  6. Thanks, I would just like to clarify, would Burberry really sell over runs? Is there a Burberry Factory Overruns botique like Levi's?
  7. Well, there are often items labeled Burberry factory - you see items online for sale marketed as factory items. There is a line of factory goods - I had a sweater once, the label stated Burberry factory.

    If anyone out there knows more, please chime in.

    But the factory items are not like bag replicas - or cheap versions of the designer bags.
    Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks a lot. The seller claimed it has a factory defect that's why it is cheap. Would burberry really sell items with defects at a lower price? I think a lot of sellers claim that the items they sell are cheap because they have some sort of minor defects. I dont really believe them but is it true?
  9. No, that is not true - I would suspect that the seller is just trying to sell a knock-off or a replica.

    However there are many bargains on eBay of USED items - the REAL thing with minor wear (or major wear).

  10. Thanks so much T, I appreciate you getting back to me on this one!
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