Authenticate This Bulga

  1. Please help. I have a chocolate medium butterfly bucket tote that I purchased in june 2006. It has the leather bulga label inside, signature/logo lining, gold zipper pull (on inside pocket) and authenticity label printed in the inside pocket. I just purchased the medium plum bag online (same style); it has the leather bulga label inside the purse, but has paisley lining, white metal zipper pull at pocket and does not have the authenticity label printed on the inside pocket. Was this typical for the earlier bulga handbags?
  2. I have also experienced the same problem with this bag. Some have had signature lining/lable and gold zipper and some with just the floral lining, white zipper and leather lable inside. I was told by a buyer on eBay that the ones without the signature lining was a "knockoff" and would like to hear from anyone else if they know for sure. The workmanship and leather are all excellent and I do love this style and size of the butterfly studded bag. Just wanted to know what is what.
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  4. I purchased this today at a local consignment store and it feels and smells like real leather. I want to leave this to the experts though so any help would be awesome. Thanks!
  5. Looks authentic to me. Is the leather incredibly soft and thick? That's how the leathers felt on both of the Bulga bags that I owned.
  6. I have only handled Bulga, the patch and lining look right to me. I am with Tonji, the leather is just fabulous.
  7. yes- I own two butterfly bags and this looks real to me! The leather should be thick and very soft. Also, is the inside zipper a little gold tab? The older models had a plastic pull but Im pretty sure your bag should have this gold pull tab! congrats!!
  8. I used to own two and it looks authentic to me as well. Bulga has some great leather!
  9. Yes the leather is really thick and incredibly soft. Good to see that it turned out to be real....I picked it up at Buffalo exchange for $65. Score. And yes the inside zipper pull is a gold tab.
  10. It looks real to me!
  11. I just bought this BULGA handbag. I am not sure if there are lots of fake Bulgas out there, but I am not familiar with this brand neither so, could anyone help me, please?
    Here's the eBay auction number: 150242230208[​IMG]
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  12. It looks authentic to me. This bag is very light weight but it's very worn looking. Maybe condition the leather...
  13. Is this supposed to be lightwt? I've seen one in person at Saks (in off white) it's so buttery and soft unlike this one...maybe it's just very worn out
    and the seller listed this as new with tag