*Authenticate This Bottega!*

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  1. Please post any and ALL questions regarding authentic Bottega Veneta products or Sellers here.
  2. Any idea if this bag is authentic???
  3. Dont' see a bag...?
  4. Well, the shape and the dustbag look authentic, but just one pic huh? I'd ask for some more.
  5. It does look authentic from those pictures. That is the original retail and the color code on the tag does match up because that color is called "cie", which is their tomato red color. If you really wanted to make sure you could request to see a close up of the interior tag.
  6. One photo is inadequate. You need interior pics to clearly show the font, the authenticity label (sewn in a seam), and a photo of the underside of the "handle/strap" would be helpful.
  7. Would you trust a BV from Bluefly? One tPF'er recently reported a fake Chloe, and another a fake Marc Jacobs. Thanks
  8. This is a toughie. I thought they had the "one bad bunch of bags" scandal behind them but if it's happened again recently with more than one brand, I really don't know. On the Prada board, Prada Psycho, who I respect, mentioned some Prada deals on Bluefly, and I thought, "Oh good, they're legit again", but to hear about recent problems......:sad:
  9. I wouldn't trust bluefly - too many fakes.
  10. boxermom, beauxgoris: Thanks for the feedback. I'm wary of Bluefly now given the recent fakes. Unfortunately, they are the only online retailer I know of that sells BV at a discount. I was hoping that the woven leather would make it hard to fake a BV, but I guess fakers can be resolute too.:sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.