Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. The bag is authentic, IMO :flowers:
    It's a Waxed Leather Soft Caiman Informale Bag. I really can't tell what colour it is because it looks like black at first glance but I suspect it's actually Espresso w/Ebano Caiman trim. It's probably from 2014? 2015? Somewhere around there. As for the "bleeding" I see it's mostly around the zippered areas? I wonder of the bag got wet and the dye from the caiman trim bled into the lining. I don't know, it's just a guess.
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  2. I would prefer to have a clearer, up close, straight on shot of the authenticity tag (numbers) before giving a definite answer, but yes, at first glance I would say this Pouch is not authentic :flowers:
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  3. Really appreciate the informative reply! It's actually in Espresso; my phone's camera probably didn't capture it well...

    I'm glad my suspicions of it being not authentic weren't actually confirmed as I was planning on using this as my daily work bag. It's just unfortunate on the "bleeding"... I'm planning to bring it back to bottega to see whether they have any advice on some sort of remedy to this; hopefully they do.

    Many thanks again for the great work you guys are doing for this community!
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  4. #6410 Nov 17, 2019
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
    Please help authenticate this large Cesta tote for me please. Thank you very much.

    Item Name: Bottega Veneta Shiny Grey Handbag

    Seller name or ID: Grailed

    Working Link to pictures:

    Comments: I’m just not sure the small pocket inside the large Cesta bag (for phone maybe) should be sew flat like that in the real one?

    Can anyone help authenticate this BV bag for me please?

    I just brought it but don’t have the handbag deliver to me yet. But I’m not sure now if it real BV or not. Please help!!!

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  5. The Large Argento Ossidato Grosgrain Cesta Bag from 2015 (?) is authentic, IMO :flowers:
    *yes, that is what the cellphone pocket should look like.
  6. Thank you so much!
  7. Dear Authenticators,

    I bought a small version of The Pouch from the official BV online shop in the colour Mist. I had a look at other pictures of this bag and its seems that the inside label which says "Bottega Veneta Made in Italy" and on the other side "Originality certified" is woven inside the bag differently. In my bag, the "Bottega Veneta" sign is on the bottom. Is this normal or does it seem odd to you?

    Thank you in advance!

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  8. Here is a better picture of the label.

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  9. :flowers:
    I’ve asked the seller about the pictures, but there was no response. I think it’s clear! Thank you very much for your help! :flowers:
  10. MH, we're confused. If you bought this pouch from "the official BV online shop", which would ONLY BE, there is no reason whatsoever to doubt its authenticity.

  11. I just heard that it has already happened that people return fake bags. Of course the chance that this happens is really small. I just wanted to ask you as experts if it's normal that the label is woven in differently sometimes. Thanks for your reply!
  12. If you have concerns I would address them to customer service
    Ask them to run the numbers on the tag
    If it is fake then you can return it to them
  13. Hi, can someone please help me authentication this pouch? Thanks!!

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  14. Hi please can someone help me authenticate this clutch bag I bought from eBay .it does not have tag inside the dust bag aswell . The seller does not have receipt but recently had it cleaned with BV and has receipt for that . Thank you so much

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