Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Thank you!
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  2. hi can you help me authenticate this please... thanks in advance

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  3. I'm sorry, this bag is not authentic :flowers:
  4. Im so sorry but I’m new and am not sure how to post (only how to reply) Can someone tell me if this is an authentic Bottega Veneta wallet? the zipper pull says “prentice” - seller on eBay insists it is real. I’m confused since it has a tag but no imprint?
  5. This wallet is not authentic, sorry! :flowers:

  6. Oh, thank you so much - it didn't have the imprint so I had a bad feeling but many thanks for confirming!
  7. Happy Friday! Can someone please help me authenticate this please? Thank you in advance!

    Item: bottega pouch

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  8. The Pouch pictured above is sadly one of the many many fakes out there.
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  9. Thank you so much. I had a feeling it felt so rough not soft. Hopefully seller will refund. Thank you again
  10. With any of these new Daniel Lee designs (Pouch/Arco/Cassette etc) please please please authenticate before you buy. It saves a lot of your time, money, and effort. The resale marketplace is flooded with fakes. :flowers:
    *even the brand new suede Cassette Bags are being made in the Guangzhou factories as I write this*
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  11. Yes thank you, definitely lesson learned! Have a great weekend ladies!
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  12. #6404 Nov 15, 2019
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    Hi authenticators,

    Appreciate all the good work you guys are doing here and would like some help of my own. Recently got a bag (pics below) as a gift. Would like some help in authenticating this; mainly due to the fact that there seems to be some bleeding/leeching of colour in the top interior portion of the bag. It has been used for about a year so hopefully it's due to usage rather than because it's not authentic. Hopefully the pics below will be sufficient to help authenticate and that my slight apprehensions against the bag aren't confirmed... Thanks a lot in advance! 20191116_114916.jpg 20191116_114713.jpg 20191116_115112.jpg 20191116_114735.jpg

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  13. Sorry,I just realized I might have missed out on a few pictures since there is a 12 picture limit... Anyway here are some additional pictures which should hopefully help. Thanks again in advance! 20191116_114807.jpg 20191116_114735.jpg 20191116_114735.jpg 15738912527188485685019725180029.jpg 15738912715064831962032229131414.jpg