Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Thank you
  2. #6302 Oct 2, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
    Sorry, wrong message
  3. Hi, please could you help me authenticate this bag I bought on Vestiaire? It came with all its original packaging (minus the authenticity card) but doesn't have a authenticity tag and I can't find this style anywhere online. Thanks very much! IMG-7165.JPG IMG-7168.JPG IMG-7170.JPG IMG-7171.JPG IMG-7187.JPG IMG-7188.JPG

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  4. I'm not familiar enough with Daniel Lee's new designs, so not really comfortable authenticating his stuff. Hopefully someone else will be able to help.
    I don't know that this small pouch would have been faked yet - like the Pouch, Arco, Marie, Classic BV, Padded Cassette etc. - but of course anything is possible.
    This item is called HI TECH POUCH IN INTRECCIO CABAT and should be on the website under "accessories" :flowers:
  5. Great thanks very much! I hadn’t looked in that section of the website when I was looking for it but pretty confident that it’s authentic now!
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  6. Good morning,
    I'm hoping someone can help with this authentication please. I did purchase but offers a 30 day return policy so took a chance. Thank you so much.

    Name: BOTTEGA VENETA Espresso Intrecciato Nappa Medium Veneta Hobo Bag
    Seller: dallasdesignerhandbags
    Item number: 263205373325

    Thank. you again!!
  7. The Medium Ebano Veneta from around 2004-2007 is authentic, IMO :flowers:
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  8. Great, thank you so much. Hope it is in as good a condition as it appears to be.
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  9. Thats ok, someone has purchased it...
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  12. Please see the first post in this thread for the photos we need to authenticate. Thank you.
  13. Oh I’m so sorry! I will do it once I receive the bag!