Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Thank you very much for your time! :smile:
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  5. Thank you Indiaink again
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  6. Item Name: Intrecciato Veneta Hobo Bag
    Seller name or ID: The RealReal
    Working Link to pictures:

    Comments: The link will show the bag as sold as I did buy it and have it in my possession now. I'm questioning it because they said it was in the colour cinnamon which it clearly isn't since the code for cinnamon is different (from what I can tell from tpf anyway). Plus the tag doesn't have the two lines of numbers like most of the others I have seen online here. So I have no idea when this bag is from or what it's actual colour is or if it's authentic. I really appreciate your help with this. Still new to the world of BV. I've attached lots of photos I've taken since the realreal's photos weren't very detailed. 20191002_173139.jpg 20191002_173157.jpg 20191002_172620.jpg 20191002_173709.jpg 20191002_172800.jpg 20191002_173612.jpg 20191002_173108.jpg 20191002_172800.jpg 20191002_173507.jpg 20191002_173655.jpg 20191002_172834.jpg

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  7. The link doesn’t work for me. Can you post a picture of the heatstamp please?
  8. Here are some more photos. If you need anything else I'm happy to provide it. 20191002_173450.jpg 20191002_173427.jpg 20191002_172905.jpg 20191002_172931.jpg 20191002_173005_001.jpg 20191002_172639.jpg 20191002_173317.jpg
  9. Oh my goodness you are quick Not sure why the link doesn't work. I've submitted more photos. I can try the link again if you need me too.
  10. I tried again and can't get the link to work
  11. Thanks for the additional pics.
    The Large Veneta in Chene from Early Fall 2012 is authentic, IMO :flowers:
  12. Wow thank you for such a quick reply. I really appreciate your help ❤ I'm glad to hear it's authentic, even though it's not the colour I thought I was getting. Which I'm disappointed about, but silver lining is that it's a good bag. Cheers!
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  13. Chene is a lovely neutral. Enjoy! :smile:
  14. Thank you
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