Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. The Medium Convertible Bag in New Light Grey (?) is authentic, IMO :flowers:
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  2. Thanks Von!

    Here are 2 more items. Appreciate your help. IMG_5111.JPG IMG_5112.JPG IMG_5113.JPG IMG_5114.JPG IMG_5115.JPG
  3. Thank you so much for replying! I hope you have a lovely weekend :smile:
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  4. I'm inclined to say not authentic based on the limited photos provided. The interior finishing of this bag is just not what I would expect with an authentic BV.
    Is there any kind of tag inside the pocket?
  5. Thank you so much! Do you know anyone you can defer me to?
  6. Will do, thank you!
  7. Hi - there are no red flags for me, but I would please like a photo of the plaque inside...close-up.
  8. Would appreciate help from any BV vintage experts re: authenticity on this little crossbody I found. Thank you in advance!! 4C8D546D-287D-415C-8E2E-3C4487365CCF.jpeg 9D614047-3630-4C6F-B8FB-76C854758175.jpeg 69DC29AD-CE11-4AA1-B874-B8807C7C59B3.jpeg 8C0AFA86-CC4B-465C-8D72-3776FDD7A3A7.jpeg BDFB5CD5-1921-4BAA-A6C2-2B59A37C2178.jpeg 311E4FCB-1490-4233-A34E-284D535BF98F.jpeg 10B06F1E-674D-4DBC-95E1-12FCCCDECBA3.jpeg 203C7A61-8B5E-4BA9-8B13-205F9FF7D7B8.jpeg F4C92761-8B3F-4BEF-842D-0F05ED9DE77C.jpeg 45DA6398-B96A-4BC0-8A61-1F68707724C1.jpeg
  10. Hello dear authenticators! I hope you can help me with this beauty!
    Item Name: Bottega Veneta ~ Authentic ~ Copper Metallic Deerskin Hobo Handbag
    Seller name or ID: mackinmadness
    Working Link to pictures:
    Comments: Has been relisted a few times. Makes me wonder why is not that sought after. Well, I like it! Its all that matters :smile:

    Thank you so much for your help:flowers:
  11. Ask the seller to post a clear photo of the heat stamp and photos showing more detail of the strap. The inside of the bag is very dirty. It appears to be authentic but the additional photos will help me confirm. I have this bag and several ossidato rame SLGs. It’s a versatile bag that can be dressed up or down.
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  12. Will do and post when seller sends! Thanks Mousse!
  13. 1C9F5100-26CB-45CC-8983-4A4C79CE35D4.jpeg E1D41E7E-ED94-4A95-895D-08EFE32BF4F3.jpeg Hello, I was wondering if you authenticate this Roma for me? I have purchased but have a 14 day return window. Many thanks in advance

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