Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Thanks for the update
    Glad it worked out for you
    As far as the BV systems
    Just proves nothing is perfect
  2. #5762 Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  3. Hi! Just received it. Hoping someone can help me. If you need extra pics let me know. :smile:

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  4. Hi~
    First post on this new thread.

    I'd love for someone to help tell me if this purse is authentic,
    I already bought it .
    Thank you so much.

    Item Name: BV WALLET
    Listing number:120697V46512015
    Seller name or ID: Private
    Working Link:
  5. pic

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  6. One should never drink and eBay. It seems like I just purchased myself a (hopefully authentic) Peltro Cabat.

    I just came home from a very rare night out with DH and I’m sitting here in a wine haze trying to settle into bed and I decided to “window” shop. ‍♀️ Darn BV Metallics!!!

    I really hope someone can authenticate. I’ll post additional photos when I receive if necessary.

    Item name: Auth BOTTEGA VENETA Cabas MM 115664 Gray Leather 185/300 Tote Bag

    Listing number: 223392582854

    Seller: brandearauction


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  7. Hi,
    Would love to know if this bag is authenticate or not.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Item Name: BOTTEGA VENETA New womens BAG All original accessories inc. receipt.
    Listing number: 123647341215
    Seller name or ID: ginestas0
    Working Link:
    Comments: The seller sent me additional pictures of the bag, please see below.

    Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 8.51.04 pm.png Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 8.50.53 pm.png
  8. Hello, I bought this bottega bag at a thrift store locked behind glass. I actually worked at the store, I paid $40, a decade ago. Thinking of getting it professionally cleaned for minor marks before selling online, but the inside of the bag feels nice and clean. I have no idea what year the bag was made, if it’s actually real or the original price, obviously. Thank you for your time. FFB4874D-5497-4184-9241-4840D56B6045.jpeg D9307FB5-BD3E-46DF-BB5C-682D7044FDCD.jpeg 0BC7814B-BB9D-416B-8EEE-082CFE8F1CB9.jpeg 95D74DDD-8A27-42EF-BFBF-71BE8364CED2.jpeg 7331577B-EF80-49D2-B12D-2149CD1D3391.jpeg E2373BF8-7738-44B6-9B51-EF0CC36FD007.jpeg 169A3564-9D8C-483A-8AF3-E53B27A3299D.jpeg
  9. Vintage (80s & 90s) really isn't my forté, so hopefully someone with more knowledge of this era can help you out. I can say though, that nothing in the pictures screams blatant fake to me. :flowers:
  10. All the details appear to be consistent with an authentic F/W 2012 Violet Passamaneria Knot, but I would really like to defer to someone more familiar with these knots. :flowers:
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  11. The wallet pictured looks authentic, IMO :flowers:
  12. Please post photos of the authenticity tag and a close-up of the silver plaque when you receive it. :flowers:
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