Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. One more picture IMG_2108.JPG
  2. Hi dear experts! I am fairly certain this bag is authentic, but just wanted to check with you for a peace of mind :smile:. Thank you!
    Style: Medium Veneta in espresso

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  3. Hi, an update on my item. I went to the Melrose Place boutique to pick up a bag I had repaired and the SA Andrew ran the tag for me and can not locate the number in the system. He was shocked as he could have sworn the bag was real by looking at it. He ran it 3 times and couldn’t find it. He said that the store can’t officially authenticate the bag but the fact that they can’t find the number means they won’t take the bag if it ever needs repairs.

    I contacted the seller and she said she bought it from a friend and even sent me a copy of a Hong Kong receipt. I’m just really sad as I really wanted this bag. I wanted to come back to post this as I didn’t know if anything what the experts here would have said about this bag given the photos I posted.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I'd really appreciate assistance from one of the experts in this forum as I may now have to go to a third party authenticator for an official certificate on the nero small olimpia I purchased a few posts back.
    I am kicking myself for buying something before having it authenticated here and will never do that again. My questions are:
    1. Given the photos I posted, what would have been the opinion of the experts here, authentic or fake? I ask because even the BV sales agent was holding the bag and comparing it to the same bag in the boutique and had a hard time believing the bag I purchased was not authentic.
    2. The only support for my contesting it's authenticity to Mercari is the SA telling me he can't locate the number in the BV computer system. He took the bag to the back and came back and told me he couldn't locate the number. Is that proof enough the bag is not authentic? Does not locating the serial number ever happen even to authentic bags?
    3. Mercari is escalating this and I will have probably have to use an outside authenticator to backup my claim. I know about authenticate4u. Any other suggestions for BV? My fear is if they don't know BV well and the photos look decent enough to them, they may side with the seller and say the bag was authentic. All so stressful.
    Thank you for any and all assistance you can give me. This has definitely been a lesson learned. I really appreciate this forum and the wonderful members.
  5. I would say that if the number is not in the system it is not authentic

    I am not sure about this
    So don’t quote me
    Possibly the bag came from the Asian or European market and the number is not in the USA system
    I am not sure if the US can access the other BV markets
    I know that when I worked for BV if we needed something from one of the other markets we would have to go through our buyer who in turn would have to contact the buyer from that market
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  6. I was told that this is a vintage bag from the 1980s. It appears to be made of linen or flax? Having snakeskin on the straps and the soft sheepskin leather on the bottom of the bag. It does not have a tag on the inner lining. Thoughts please?
  7. The Medium Veneta is authentic, IMO :flowers:
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  8. Here are my thoughts on this Olimpia:
    1: The leather is a little bit "textured" looking to me (if that makes sense). It doesn't have the smooth Nappa Leather look to it as the majority of Olimpias do. However, that in and of itself is not cause for alarm, IMO.
    2. Surprised that a counterfeit would be using that particular zipper. Haven't come across that yet.
    3. The heatstamp looks fine to me.
    4. The authenticity tag from what I can see, looks fine to me as well. The side with the numbers on it are a bit blurry, it would be nice to see a clearer photo of it.
    5. It's surprising that a counterfeit would be already faking the brass hardware since it is only about 12-18mo old now. The Olimpia up until the change to brass hardware, was always the Brunito hardware, since it's introduction. I would assume that the replica factories would still be making the original style (as with the Veneta - have not yet seen a fake one with the new style shoulder strap).
    6. The magnetic closure is consistent with an authentic Olimpia bag.
    7. I am interested to see the receipt and I would like to know when this bag was purchased.
    8. As @septembersiren wrote above, it is plausible that the bag may not be in the US system.
    9. For a second opinion, you could try to contact BV online through their website and ask them to run the serial number for you. Make something up, tell them you can't remember what the bag is called, or want to confirm the colour etc. See what they say. I think there have been some ladies here who have used the help feature on the website to run serial numbers.
    10. Contact authenticate4u and ask them for their opinion. The opinions of poeple on TPF have absolutely no weight with Mercari, eBay, etc.

    As an aside, my biggest fear right now is that with the change of Creative Director, the autheticity details in new BVs are going to change. I'm fearful that they will adopt the style of interior details consistent with other Kering brands. I will have to wait two weeks until vacation where I'll be able to see the new bags in person.

    Hope that helps :flowers:
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  9. Thank you! Makes sense!
  10. I prefer not to authenticate Knots, but you'll have to post more detailed photos and hopefully someone more knowledgeable about this Fall 2012 Violet Passamaneria Knot will be able to help you. :flowers:
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    Thank you!!

    Here are the two photos, a hopefully clearer shot of the tag and the receipt. The seller said she bought the bag from a “friend” and this is the receipt.
    IMG_2116.JPG IMG_2120.JPG

    It totally helped to call the BV website. So it turns out the serial number is in the system but the number in the system shows a limestone (taupe color) Olimpia, not black. It’s inconsistent with the bag. Could this be a system error? Does this ever happen? I almost feel worse for the seller at this point.

    Do I return this bag as not authentic even if I’m not sure? I’m so torn.
  12. I don't authenticate vintage items, but hopefully someone else with more expertise in the older items will pop by to offer their opinion. :flowers:
    In future, there is a format to follow, outlined on page one of this thread, like this:

    Non auction item requests - We will also accept items that are from online sites, classified ads like Craigslist, and private sales.
    For these items, please use the following format:
    Item Name:
    Seller name or ID:
    Working Link to pictures:

    Alternatively, please attach pictures to your post, or link to approved photo hosting sites
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  13. Thank you! I'll make sure to post pics when I receive it