Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Thank you!
  2. That looks great, good job!
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  3. Hello, I have a bag that I would like to help with finding out if its authentic or not and if it is what the style name and color are and what year it is from if possible. Thank you for any help you are able to provide.

    BV Tag back.jpg BV Tag front.jpg IMG_20190107_210832.jpg IMG_20190107_210905.jpg IMG_20190107_211244.jpg IMG_20190107_211314.jpg IMG_20190107_211338.jpg

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  4. Many thanks for your response.

    Please see below pictures.

    Also, please can you confirm if the latest models of the Roma no longer come with the key and key cover?

    Thanks once more.

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  5. The Cervo Loop Hobo looks authentic, IMO :flowers:
    I noticed in the listing, the seller states she bought it pre-loved, so she is of no help with colour or season purchased. Really, only Bottega Veneta knows for sure what colour the bag is - that particular authenticity tag tells us nothing with respect to model/year/colour.
    It looks like Canard in some pictures, and a bit like Menthe in others, although I don’t know if this style was offered in Menthe. I can only say that it is from somewhere between Fall 2013 and (maybe?) Fall 2017. I can have a look thru my colour library when I’m at home.
  6. Thanks for the additional photo. The Roma is authentic, IMO :flowers:
    Since the Fall/Winter 2017 season, Romas of all sizes no longer come with a key and clochette. The front closure was changed and is technically no longer a “lock”, hence no need for a key.
  7. I prefer not to authenticate Knots, but I think it’s safe to say that this is not authentic. :flowers:
  8. Thank you so much
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  9. Thank you for your help. I appreciate knowing the approximate age of this bag and having the color narrowed down to only a couple of possibilities is good too. Between the two colors you mentioned which is the darker greenish one?
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    Correct link above - sorry for the duplicates my laptop is acting up today.
  11. Sorry tech difficulties - link is incorrect - second post is working link,
    So sorry!

    QUOTE="mibolsa, post: 32882802, member: 122908"]May I have this bag authenticated - many thanks!

    Item Name: Bottega Veneta black medium hobo bag
    Listing number:
    Seller name or ID: reechen9
    Working Link:
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    Hello, if any of the experts can help authenticate this Nero small Olimpia, I’d be deeply grateful. It was an impulse buy on Mercari so I only have 3 days before being able to return if not authentic so please help if possible. I own a number of Bottega bags so I thought I could spot a fake and this looked good on the Mercari site but something feels a little off once I received this bag in person. The lining doesn’t feel like the suede lining of all my other BV bags, this ones feel softer, more fabric like. My other bags are Venetas, Montaigne and Bella’s and this is my first Olympia. The leather also feels different for some reason.

    Please let me know if more pics are needed. Thank you! View attachment 4328799

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