Authenticate This BOTTEGA VENETA

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  1. Rrrr

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  2. It's an authentic large Veneta. It was a seasonal style called *Plisse* because of the extra leather tabs in the weave.
  3. authentic. I must be blind--I don't see an ink spot. However, personally I have never been able to remove ink from leather.
  4. This is authentic, and no, the ink won't come out, no matter what you might find on the internet. Trust me, it's far less noticeable as it is now than it would be once you started trying to remove it. :smile:
  5. Look at the very first picture, it's in the center. Just a quick line from a blue ink pen, I can imagine how it happened...
  6. Think it's too much money for an outlet bag in this condition?
  7. I think it's funny that the seller had to 'relist the item and increase the price' because she found the label. I think I'd pass on this one, myself.
  8. Yeah I saw that. They obviously weren't sure if it was authentic and then found the tag and thought it was. :smile:
  9. Please help me to authenticate this BV
  10. Thank you boxermom
  11. Your links don't work. You'll need to repost them and copy them into the right format. When you re-post, click the little button that looks like a blue dot with a link in front - it says Insert Link when you move your cursor over it - and copy the link in the pop up box.

    It will show up like this:!!1871272319.jpg_728x728.jpg

    Is taobao the website where the bag is listed?
    Not a good sign (IMO) but let the ladies here make that decision.
  12. i m not sure is it becuz i dont have 10 posts yet? i tried to use the insert image to do it but still the same result