Authenticate This Bottega Veneta #3 - use proper format shown in post #1

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  1. thanks for the great photos--this is authentic vintage BV. The leather looks really soft.
    (I picked *boxermom* because I've had boxer dogs all my life)
  2. thanks boxermom, blueiris and septembersiren. :smile:)
  3. You're very welcome boxermom, thank you again for your help, expertise, and most importantly time!

    Indeed the leather is very supple, but because I have never handled a BV product before, I didn't know it could be that soft and was actually a bit concerned!

    This is certainly a sigh of relief for me, thanks again!
  4. The seller should provide a photo of the heat stamp/font inside the bag. I don't see any warning signs. The bag is worn and stained according to seller's description. Without seeing the font photo, I don't like to offer an opinion on whether it's genuine. Thanks!
  5. Thanks; as per seller, there is no faded area
  6. bottega veneta re.jpg bottegaveneta2 re.jpg bottegaveneta3 re.jpg bottegaveneta4 re.jpg bottegaveneta re.jpg
  7. It looks authentic. I don't know the date of the bag.
  8. Thanks Boxermon
  9. We need additional photos: the heat stamp/font and both sides of the white authenticity tag. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.