Authenticate this Botkier

  1. I just bought the large Bianca Botkier from someone on eBay, notlong on eBay- she does not have many fedbacks and the thing that scares me, private. I saw she did sell a Botkier to someone and all her feedback is good and they wrote "authentic"
    I just pray my $330 is not being flushed down the toilet. Can someone ease my fears. I took a look on I-Offer, they are replicating Botkier now but I did not see any Biancas. The woman told me she guarantees the authenticity and is enclosing the authenticity card Botkier now gives with the purchase of a bag.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. The seller got back to me, said it is authentic, she is enclosing the card so I can personally register it with Botkier, it is new, a fmaily member owns a boutique and gives her bags to sell at reasonable prices. I can't wait to get it! I looked in Bloomies yesterday and they were $695! Yay!
  3. Can anyone please tell me if it looks good, I am still worried about this. Feeling dumb after buying hayden's and linea's...
    I'm into real bags and I took a chance here.
  4. from the pictures shown it looked alright, i guess you have to see when the bag arrives? it's a really good deal on a bianca though, let's have our fingers crossed that it turns out beautiful and authentic.
  5. Looks good, post more pics when you get it. I have the bianca in black and it looks the same as those pics (mine was purchased at Saks). Good luck!
  6. Thank you, the second I get it, I'll take the "modeling" shots. I have to figure out how to post pics here... do I put them on photobucket or something like that?
  7. Looks authentic to me but I would have to see the inside to be sure (I have the same one in concord and love it :smile: )

    I think she probably got it from the Saks sale recently b/c I saw it there so it's probably authentic :smile:
  8. I just got Bianca at work, yes, its gorgeous! I love it.
    I'll take pics when I get home.
    I think I know why I got it cheaper, it is the perarlizzed cognac and the color looks a little worn on the back.... like what some people have been posting, the color comes off on clothes. I definitly won't wear it with a white leather jacket.
    Questions to ask before getting home to photograph it:

    Is the sleeper bag a light lilac w/ purple Botkier on it? And a small lilac envelope w/ a purple Authenticity Card w/ the # of the bag on the back and a gold card saying, "Our leather is handcrafted in Italy, favored for its color, texture, and beauty..." ?

    Inside the bag has the 2 leather topped open pockets, bone/ivory suede lining, a leather tab that says "Made in Indonisia" and a zippered pocket on the other side w/ the Botkier zipper (Botkier and a B on either side) . The more I look at it, the more I love it. :smile:
  9. OK, I am going to try to post pictures now for the 1st time. Be patient if it does not work the first twenty times. LOL
    P8070065.JPG P8070064.JPG P8070063.JPG P8070062.JPG P8070061.JPG
  10. couple of more, does it look good?
    P8070060.JPG P8070059.JPG P8070058.JPG
  11. Real and beautiful! Congrats! What a deal. I'm dying for a large Bianca in Cherry red.
  12. Looks just like mine:tup: Congrats on a great deal!!!
  13. Thank you.
  14. Looks like mine too. :tup: