Authenticate this Botkier:

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  1. I'm going to sell it on eBay if it's real. Otherwise, I guess I lost a bunch of money.




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    Please help me!! If there is a better place I can post this, let me know. I'm not sure where else to go or who else to ask, but if you know anything please help me out!
  3. All I can add is that I have one Botkier (Bombay Satchel) and the lining has 'BOTKIER' imprints in the (black) fabric. I don't know if this is a recent thing or specific to Bombay's or what, sorry I can't help more.
  4. i remember you got this on eBay a while back and you were already asking whether it was real or not - since you have it in your possession now I would assume that you found out it was real before you bought it..

    so I guess you didn't find out but you got it anyway?

    why don't you email botkier and ask them for pointers?
  5. No one told me it was real before, they couldn't tell because the pics weren't very good. I paid anyways, and got it and it felt real as far as material compared to one I'd had before. So before I sell I want to make 100% sure that it is in fact real.
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  7. hi julia, maybe i can help you out a lil bit. I have a trigger turbo from their fall 2006 line. mine was a bit different from yours since yours was from the earlier collection.

    with that being said, my first impression of the bag was that it's not as structured and it slouches a little too much. i just took mine out to compare with the picture. mine stands on its own very well and the leather is soft but the bag retains its shape. so that's my first suspicion.

    another thing is the zipper pull on the inside. mine has a leather pull with "botkier" engraved on it, on the pull there are also two studs similar to the ones on the handles. another thing is the zipper in the pictures actually opens opposite of the direction that mine does. I don't kno if that's just a change Botkier made.

    lastly, the lining of my bag has botkier stamped all over it just as the previous tpfer said. the inside of your bag just looks plain and the zipper def. doesn't look right to me. just my two cents, hope it helps.
  8. Hi Julia,
    I would like to add that on the clasp on the bottom of the bag, the clasp also has Botkier written on it, but as the other TPFers said the lining has Botkier written all over it in black. I hope that helps.
  9. Mine thas this too. I had a turbo from the fall 2006 collection. I also had a leather credit card slot on the inside which I didn't see in your pics. I also had a chain with a dogleash type closure. The dogleash chain was in one of the side pockets (can't remember front or back). There was also a cell phone pouch in that pocket.

    Also, my turbo retained its shape and didn't slouch.

    Last, if the lining in all the ones I've seen was black fabric. The first couple of years it was plain fabric but them they started putting the Botkier logo in the fabric. I don't think you have an earlier one because those turbos had tab pulls (yours are the srting pulls). Yours looks like a canvas lining which I've never seen before.

    To me it looks fake. How long ago did you buy this one? Did you use e-bay? You may be able to get your money back.
  10. I am not so sure. I have a bunch of older Botkier bags (including one just like yours in nude) and they are all lined with Botkier logo fabric. The zipper on mine opens in the same direction as yours. The zipper pull inside is different from yours though.
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  12. I'm sorry, but the zipper pull looks fake.

    If you want to confirm ask Jinnie at Botkier, she's really helpful.

    Good luck and let us know what happens..
  13. I have a Botkier Trigger that was purchased at Neiman Marcus about 2-3 years ago.

    Like the others have said, it is lined with logo imprinted fabric. The Botkier plaque is not inside one of the compartments as yours is. Mine is on the leather just outside of the inner compartment resting on back exterior compartment. The zippered pocket in the interior compartment has a different metal pull- more rectangular (yours is rounded). I don't have the credit card slot but it does have the cell phone pocket and the dogleash chain in the front compartment but I suppose that's because it's not the turbo trigger which came out after I purchased mine.

    As for consulting Jinnie of Botkier, I did not have as great of luck as Bizaar because I had to contact her about a different Botkier bag and she gave me a useless suggestion (read my recent thread about my experience).

    If someone can teach me how to add pictures to the forum, I can display examples of my bag. When I click on "insert image," it asks for a URL. I was hoping it would allow me to browse my files.
  14. The metal plaque was moved from the inner compartment resting on back exterior compartment to the outside of the back end of the main compartment at some point. I'm not sure if it was from 2006 or sooner. The key chain is also a later addition, again I'm not sure when.

    I've found it rather difficult to authenticate Botkiers as there isn't enough reliable reference info on the net. The e-bay guide mentioned ealier is good, but not entirely up to date. Personally I finally gave up a few months ago and got mine directly from Botkier (the international shipping charges were insane BTW!).

    The one thing I discovered while hunting on e-bay is that the zipper pull on the interior pocket some bags are like yours (cheap and generic looking, without the Botkier logo). I'm not entirely sure that Botkier never made bags with this type of zipper pull, but I doubt it.

    If someone finds out for sure, please post.

    I hope everything works out for you..
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