Authenticate this Botkier

  1. I'm no Botkier expert (sorry) but the lining has the "BOTKIER" imprints in the fabric and the close-up of the inside pocket leather looks just like the leather on my Bombay satchel.

    Comparing to a Trigger would be the way to go, hope someone has more info for you.
  2. It seems ok, but for that price I'm sure you could get one you knew was authentic with all the sales going on now. Is that the only colour you're interested in? I'll keep my eye out for you...
  3. Thanks Jade, that color would be great, but any mid-brown would do. I've been looking around online but haven't seen any. I agree that price is a little high for eBay.
  4. You should try Shopbop today, and use their $100 discount, with fireworks07, that way you would know it was authentic and you would be getting it directly, brand new. Also, botkier will be having an online sample sale soon, so if you can wait a few days, you might want to see if they have any triggers up.
  5. The first pictures look authentic, but the last one worries me.

    Is that color hazelnut? I had the hazelnut from the season before the one in the auction, and there was no Botkier logo on the interior canvas, and there wasn't a pocket and chain thing like that.