Authenticate this: Black Hermés Kelly

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've recent come across a Hermes handbag left by my late Grandmother and I've been told it may actually be worth something.

    I've done some minor research on it and found it to be a Hermes 'Kelly' handbag.
    It appears to be authentic, the stitching is perfect, the gold printing on the leather is inset and it is genuine leather.

    There is some damage, as it could be a few decades old; it has slightly worn corners on the bottom, the hand strap has been torn near the ring on one side and some of the dividers inside have become partially unstitched from the interior. Otherwise the leather is in good condition and can easily be polished up to almost new.
    Finally, the shoulder strap is no longer with the bag.

    I have been looking at other bags of the same design, but some appear to have 'Made in France' below the 'HERMES PARIS' printed on the leather. Also I've been unable to find a year stamp. Do these points give doubt to its authenticity?

    I was hoping someone could give me a quick valuation in its current state, and perhaps some advice on whether it would be worth having it repaired before attempting to sell it.
    I'm living in the UK if anyone has an region specific advice.

    Much appreciated,
  2. Hi Catherine I am in the Uk also
    if you would like some help send me a pm, as we dont like to say too much publicly re authenticity as the fakers check in here.

    BTW if it is authentic it will always hold value depending on condition

    Welcome also
  3. ardneish:
    I'd love some help. I'm struggling to PM you, do you have privacy settings enabled?

    Perhaps I could contact you via MSN?
  4. Have replied to your mail
  5. just curious - how do I add something to the authenticate this section? There is a place to post a new thread in the general one but how do I post it specifically for hermes? There is a picotin on eBay in rouge H I am wondering about because my SA said that they did not offer them in rouge H. tia
  6. Just cut and paste the eBay link to this thread and someone will authenticate it for you. They do make Picotins in Rouge H, I have a Rouge H MM in Clemence.
  7. Please post this in the Authenticate This Hermes thread provided. Thank you!
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