Authenticate This Bally

  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wondering if anyone has the Bally Meg-T handbag?? If you do, (and it's the black color) can you please tell me what color lining you have inside the bag? I've attached some pics of the bag that the seller gave me. Is it authentic? :shrugs:
    de9e_1.JPG df8c_1.JPG e150_1.JPG e249_1.JPG e335_1.JPG
  2. Hi girls! Can you tell from the pictures in the link if the Bally messenger bag is authentic??? It's quite beaten down...

    a million THANKS in advance!!!

  3. I know nothing about BALLY'S I have a huge lot from a purse and small boutique that went under from no off season traffic "aka WINTER" to put on eBay and want to make sure that it is not a fake..... thanks everyone.... I am diving deeper and deeper into bags.... you peeps know your bags VERY have SAVED me a few times and I am very happy you have this forum..... :smile: ---Char "O NO Another Metro ahhhhhh" Yes I am guy....




  4. I'm not an expert but have had a couple of vintage Ballys .. this looks nice to me. Love the lining, workmanship looks good, doesn't it. New but pre-owned....
    Wait for a real expert to come along .. good luck.
  5. Hi All! I purchased this in eBay but my old account was canceled already. Here are the pictures of the bag, it's quite old.

  6. Hi ladies,

    I got this Bally bag at a vintage store and would like to authenticate it if possible, and perhaps also identify the style/year it came out in if it's genuine goods?

    Below are pictures; the bag is quite small, 10" by 8". It opens with a main zip (with a tassel attached) and has an inner zipped compartment.

    In one of the pictures you will see a label with '61062/V 98' on it (found in the zipped compartment).

    By the left inside of the bag (looking from the front) there is a cloth label with Bally on one side and "Made in Switzerland" on the other. The lettering is in gold on a faint blueish-grey background.

    Hardware: a gold B prominently in the center of the bag's front and a gold plate with BALLY on it just below the zipped compartment.

    More photos:

    Many thanks! If you need more information, kindly pm me.
    9ae3_1.JPG 9f28_1.JPG
  7. any idea if this is auth? there is no serial # tag inside and it is made in switzerland. i have other bally bags that have serial #s and are made in italy. this bag has the proper lining, metal tag, and the bally made in switzerland tag looks the same as other tags - where it is made. please let me know what you think :smile: thank you





  8. Hello! Could you please authenticate this Bally bag for me? Thank you!!!
    IMG_7090.JPG IMG_7091.JPG IMG_7092.JPG IMG_7096.JPG IMG_7098.JPG
  9. Hi everyone!
    How on earth do I authenticate a Bally Shoulder bag?
    There is a small 'stitched in' leather label on the inside zipped section, with a serial number 1660-98 but I'm really not sure how I can check this number or how to know the bag is genuine.
    Thanks very much
  10. Hi everyone!
    Really stuck.
    Just inherited a lovely Bally bag but need help authenticating.
    Has leather label on inside zip compartmnt with a serial number embossed onto it 1660-98
    How do I know if the bag is genuine? Are there any obvious indicators to know if its a fake or not?
    Many thanks!
  11. Hi everyone :smile:

    I'm looking at buying a Bally bag. I always research, research, research before any purchase, especially on *bay... However, there seems to be no real information on websites or authenticity ANYWHERE :confused1: Only many, many websites selling obvious replicas.

    And, I was wondering why there is not a Bally section on TPF ?

    Does anyone know *anything* about authenticating Bally? Nobody has ever replied to the 'authenticate this bally' posts so I don't think it's worthwhile even trying. Particularly anything vintage... that must be next to impossible!

    If someone, anyone, please, could help me out here I'd really be happy :smile:

    Even basic tips are better than nothing!
  12. I love Bally :love:
    They're underrated and too often ignored :sad:

    I only have a few wallets so unfortunately I cannot help with regards to their bags but if their wallets are anything to go by then their quality & workmanship is great that's for sure. After a bad experience with LV I am looking to buy another small coin purse from them in purple :biggrin:

    Good luck!