Authenticate This Balenciaga

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  1. Hello
    I think it is fake..I asked seller if it is 100% authentic..Whatever she saying does not make sense at all..Leather looks good..But it does not come with dust bag or serial #..She said made out of same leather what balenciaga..
    I sent question again..What made you think it is called Authentic without serial # but made with same leather ?? That is called fake !!:roflmfao: hmm no reply back after that.
  2. I used to own a courier and there isn't anything in that auction that makes me think it's fake. I would try to get more pictures, specifically one of the inner tag.
  3. I have just asked te seller for more pics from the tags

    But i won`t buy fake bags, I hate it.

    Thanx Livebythelake

  4. Thanx Lulublue for your help

    FX van Leeuwen

    I hate fakes
  5. Hello I think you misunderstood me..
    It is first reply seller sent me
    "there's no scratches or something on this bag.
    l surely gurantee authenticity of this bag.
    The leather of this bag just tell you this is not the fake one. It is maden with same leather and subsidiary materials in the same factory.
    That is why l bought this bag for $500 eventhough it has no dustbag and serial number.
    it's your choice to get it for $350 from me or get it for$1950 from store.
    thank you for questioning."

  6. I dont realy think i`m going to buy this bag.

    Thanx for al the info

    FX van Leeuwen:shrugs:
  7. please post all authenticity questions in the authenciate this thread. thanks :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.