Authenticate This Balenciaga

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  1. thx nicole, but my friend keep saying that she brought the bbag to HN and SEL, they both said apart from the tag is off and print is upside down,the bbag is authentic. so she is not happy abt me now :sad::confused1:
  2. DannyDanny,

    Yes I also see that this red bag is a counterfeit. Not only is the tag wrong but the hardware is wrong as well.

    It is not authentic. I hope your friend can get her money back.
  3. I know i need more pics, and i've asked for them, but would you mind to take a first look at this bag? from this two seems ok..

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  4. Well, HBANGEL, you've just saved me from loosing a lot of money....i've found those pics out of *bay, but the pics are the same so the seller i was looking at, has stolen the pics from this auction :sad:
    thanks a lot
  5. the pictures on this one are kind of dark...

    what do you guys think? i was looking at a jaune Day earlier, but now i'm thinking i would prefer a warm orangey red (not rouille) and rouge vermillion seems to fit the bill, but it's so hard to find!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.