Authenticate This Balenciaga

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  1. Hi Leefi --- the one picture that would give the definitive on the colour is the metal tag and that's missing. Can you get a picture of this? Paper tags can be switched (accidentally or otherwise).
  2. authentic s/s 02 caramel FB. good luck! hard to say what it is worth because it is really a personal opinion. but this is a rare bag if that helps any.
  3. looks good. if you want to play it safe then ask for clear pictures of the silver tag and the serial numbers tag. hard to tell how the condition is given that the pictures are pretty dark and a little blurry.
  4. authentic and a very pretty color. congrats!

  5. 1) authentic. good luck
    2) this is a really bad fake. the leather, all the hardwares, and the silver tag is so wrong.
  6. Hi robotdoll, thanks so much for clarifying my doubts. I was a little worried when whites starting to show between the stitching/weaving.

  7. Thank you robotdoll,
  8. no problem. anytime! congrats again on your beautiful bag!

    you are so welcome. good luck on finding your red b-bag!
  9. the handles are really dark and on one corner, it's been worn thru to the tubing... personally if this was a color b-bag i loved, i would only pay around 600 for it. tops.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.