Authenticate this Balenciaga City please!

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  1. This bag is supposedly "new" but it seems to look really beat up. I think some conditioning would help, unless it is supposed to look really distressed. More importantly, is it authentic??

    Also this black BBag, real or not?

    and finally, this black City...
  2. 1 I would ask for pics of the front of the interior tag and also for a pic of the bales but I am leaning toward authentic. Deffinitley is a bit scratched though and would need conditioning either way.
    2 Fake! UGGGH
    3 Authentic and looks to be in very nice condition.:tup:
  3. Tatertot, you rock! I do not have any BBags......yet, so I am truly clueless about them. Keep it coming ladies, love ya!

    BTW, I wrote the seller of #2 and I reported it to eBay as a fake....hopefully justice will prevail!
  4. Happy to help. Balenciagas are addictive though so watch out. I started with just one and now I'm consumed:yahoo:, lol. Check out the Bal threads and they have tons of info on colors and styles.
    Beautiful photo by the way, your horse is gorgeous!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.