Authenticate this Bag please!

  1. Hey ladies I need some help. My fiance bought me a Jade Edith for Christmas and the bag was just too big for me, I could hardly hold the handles - so we sent it back to LVR in exchange for a Jade Paddy. I have always really wanted one of the pocket paddy's and found one on eBay, but before I splurge and cancel my LVR order I need to know it's the real thing! This will be my first Chloe - my first designer purse actually and I can't wait, but I want to make the right decision!!!

    The bag looks great but the question I have is bottom of the bag has the four feet and then one in the middle with 4 little metal dots around it. For those of you that have this bag - is this right?
  2. Sorry, I know you can't authenticate anything without seeing it! Here is a picture of the bottom of the bag (lets see if I can do this right!):

  3. Thank you! I couldn't find that darn link!

    Umm.. well I hope it's real - because I put in an offer and just won it!!!!

    It's the Taupe Pocket Front Paddington - YIPEEE!!! :yahoo: